Down and almost out?

The way things are going, while I know the NBA wanted a Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers finals, looks like maybe with enough $$$ to make it worth their time, both teams will be available next weekend for a celebrity video game or golf tournament.

The Oakland As, at 10-38, have a minus 168 run differential. Yes, that’s over 3 runs, almost 3 1/2 runs PER GAME.

By comparison, only four other teams, three in the AL Central are worse than -51. (The Royals are -71, – 54 for the White Sox and Marlins, -51 for the Tigers.)

If this were Premier League soccer the As would be the odds on favorite for relegation.

Bo Schembechler’s son Shemy resigned 3 days after he was hired as assistant director of recruiting at Michigan after it came to light his Twitter account “liked” numerous racist and insensitive posts. So how long until he gets hired by Fox News?

Trans athletes are a complicated issues. But GOP is now trying to convince people that they care SO much about girls’ and women’s sports, your reminder that when Title IX first passed in 1972, Rep John Tower (R-Tex) had tried to propose an amendment that would have exempted athletics departments.

But if GOP is bound and determined to die on the gender bathroom hill why not make all public bathrooms unisex with private stalls and not worry about it?

So has Elon Muskrat commented on his pal Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s new taxes on electric cars yet?

I’m quite fond of Garth Brook, who has just started a residency in Las Vegas.

And he has that line “when we’re free to love anyone we choose…we shall be free.”

So is MAGA going to cancel Garth next? (Might make for nicer audiences.)

In 1536, Henry VIII had a priest named William Tyndale executed.

His crime – translating the Bible into English. The King didn’t want ordinary people to be able to read it and think for themselves. Some Republicans these days aren’t that different from King Henry.

Florida has a two consecutive term limit for Governors.

So when Deathsantis doesn’t make it to the White House what’s next?

Trying for Senate, big $$ in private industry, or browbeating legislature into trying to change law? (Actually, by then he may have worn out welcome even with Republicans.

Why aren’t members of the media regularly asking GOP members of Congress spewing lies about the debt ceiling and the deficit why rescinding some tax cuts even for BILLIONAIRES aren’t on the table? Asking for a country tired of having the middle class subsidize rich people.

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