Bonfire of the brackets

How many people had Fairleigh Dickinson beating Purdue? Heck, How many people know where Fairleigh Dickinson IS?

Apparently the Jimmy Garoppolo introductory press conference for the Raiders was delayed a day “because of some last-minute contract “language.”

At least Scott Boras was not involved.

I’m seeing Cancel Spring Training trending because Brandon Nimmo was injured sliding into second base. Uh, in 2020, Thompson tore his Achilles in an off-season workout. Kevin Durant was injured last week when he slipped during pre-game warmups. Should we cancel workouts and warmups too?

Charles Barkley saying how sports is the only job in the world where we listen to the opinion of “any fool who’s never done the job.” Travel agents would disagree.

Also elected officials, teachers and nurses. For starters.

In all seriousness if parents have to accompany children who attend drag shows how do even the right wing haters claim it hurts anyone?

Texas GOP lawmaker Steve Toth’s bill requires internet service providers to “make every effort to block Internet access to information or material intended to facilitate efforts to obtain abortion.” Wonder if a woman searched for “buying weapon to obtain abortion pills at gunpoint?

Velveeta Voldemort today ““The greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia. It’s probably more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us.” Wonder who translated that for him from the original Russian.

For all those who think Republicans will never truly criminalize abortion and inflict harsh punishments on women…. How many of you thought Roe V. Wade would ever be overturned?

Deathsantis’s book banning efforts make headlines, but GOP Florida legislature just approved universal vouchers for private schools & home-schooled children – even for millionaires It will take 10% of money spent on public schools, over $2 BILLION. GOP hates public education

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