Those of us who made the deep meaningful decision to pick a cat bracket might be second guessing ourselves in that big cats (Tigers) generally beat medium size cats (Wildcats.)

Two questions asked by many Americans after March Madness Day 1.

  1. Where is Furman
  2. What’s a Paladin

From a FB friend – if it’s not true it should be. “The story goes that the original Furman mascot was to be the Christian Knights. But then someone put together the phrase “Furman University Christian Knights” — and then changed the mascot to Paladins.”

Aaron Rodgers says he wants to play for the Jets.

Let’s see, the touchy aging superstar QB and the famously sensitive NY media. Am sure it will go well.

So Marjorie Three Names said Putin has no plans to invade Europe.

She doesn’t know Ukraine is in Europe…. Wonder if Marge is one of those who questioned Obama’s citizenship because she didn’t know Hawaii was in the United States.-

Over 3 billion COVID-19 mRMA vaccines have been administered but Florida’s surgeon general says the vaccines are dangerous.

If President, Ron DeSantis would probably put this guy in as US surgeon general.-

As old Amy Klobuchar story resurfaces with the report of Florida Governor’s using three fingers to eat chocolate pudding, reminder that eating salad with a comb actually is good emergency hack to keep your hands clean.

As opposed to getting your fingers covered in oil. Or in DeSantis’s case – pudding. Women are SO much more resourceful than men.

Back in college decades most of us knew, even if we didn’t need it, that a Plan B contraception option could be concocted from regular birth control pills. No question anti-choice radicals know that fact too… so how long until they judge-shop to have the Pill banned too?

My college dorm talent show had great drag performance of Supremes -“Stop, In The Name Of Love.” None of 3 went into politics.

But if anyone knows hateful GOP politician attacking drag queens who was in drag show/costume himself in college, now would be good time for pictures.

Not just that radical Republicans are anti-choice. But as much as they want to control women’s health choices under pretence of caring about “life,” they also want to cut off food stamps, healthcare, public education – everything that matters after baby is born.

Pro life my a**

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