Curfew time?

Ja Morant will not be charged after he posted a video of himself on Instagram apparently with a gun.

Glendale, Colorado, police say they conducted an investigation, and determined “that the incident took place at a strip club called Shotgun Willie’s early Saturday, hours after Memphis lost to Denver Nuggets, but that there “was not enough available evidence to charge anyone with a crime.”

Just thinking, if you’re an NBA player, is there anything good that happens in the wee hours after a game at a strip club?

Wisconsin is one of the most divided states in the US, with Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson – a gerrymandered GOP legislature – and a SCOTUS with a critically important election April 4th.

BUT, as ESPN reporrts, led by Governor Tony Evers, a bipartisan coalition of Wisconsin business, tourism and health care leaders, former office holders and others announced Wednesday that it is working to find a solution to keeping the Milwaukee Brewers in the state with government help to repair American Family Field (formerly Miller Park). and get the team to commit to stay for another 20 years.

Good to know that whatever else divides us, we have baseball.

Some right-wingers got knickers in a knot because out of 11 #WomenofCourage awards Jill Biden gave out today, 1 was trans woman. They had no problem with Former Guy giving highest civilian honor -Presidential Medal of Freedom – to a divisive admitted drug abuser – Rush Limbaugh

CNN reports a new study found stress may lead to lower cognitive function.

Great, one more thing to stress about.

As a Democrat I am capable of wishing Mitch McConnell well since he has been hospitalized after a fall, but I can still wish that he recovers and realizes (for starters) how wrong he was to try to repeal Obamacare.

Haven’t been a Newsom fan but well played, Gavin, well played. “Governor’s office announced it will not renew $54 million contract between state & Walgreens to supplies prescription drugs for California’s prison health care system.”

Caving to right-wing fascists has consequences.

Don’t claim to be an expert on DC Crime Bill & I know it’s complicated. But regardless of the merits of the bill, can anyone imagine Senate voting on a specific resolution to say Texas or California cannot govern themselves? Time to make DC the 51st State.

Speaking of crime in DC, Many in the House GOP are so obsessed with defending January 6 insurrectionists, increasingly seems likely they were more involved themselves with the attempted coup than we ever dreamed.

My dad lived in Arlington, VA, so have been a regular DC tourist.

But haven’t been inside the US Capitol in over a decade. Listening to some of House GOP on January 6, have to ask, so does the Capitol gift shop now sell bear spray and zip ties?

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