Count down

We’re one week away from the start of the NCAA’s basketball March Madness.

One loss and you’re out.

As the NBA plays on into April to eliminate 10 of 30 teams.

What a concept, basketball games that actually mean something.

Kevin Durant thinks it’s going to be loud for his first home game with the Phoenix Suns.

Just wait until KD has his first game with the Suns against the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center.

Stephen Colbert sums it up about January 6 “For something that didn’t happen there’s sure a lot of people pleading guilty.”

Beginning to think Elon Musk wasn’t that serious about stepping down as Twitter CEO.

As a travel agent know JetBlue customers love their service, but complain about delays. Spirit customers love their prices, but complain about almost everything else, including extra fees. Had to expect a merger would be the worst of both worlds. Glad to see DOJ step in.

Have to give Hillary Clinton credit. . She hasn’t run for office over 6 years and almost no one is better at still making GOP heads explode.

So unarmed protestors picketing outside SCOTUS homes over Roe V. Wade is grounds for outrage and suing DOJ. But January 6 was peaceful sightseeing? The gospel according to Fox News.

And can you imagine if Nancy Pelosi gave the footage to Rachel Maddow? GOP would have called for her impeachment.

Florida GOP will ban abortion after 6 weeks gestation. But leaving aside many women don’t know they are pregnant then, also no way of knowing that early if fetus is healthy or nonviable. And Florida trying to bully other pharmacies into banning mifepristone.

Florida GOP hates women.

Don’t love Joe Manchin But before spending time and energy and money for a primary challenger please look at West Virginia demographics. Any other Democrat would lose. The way we deal with Manchin is elect more Democrats from blue and purple states. Make him irrelevant.

Senators Amy Klobuchar & Mike Lee agree on very little, but they agree Amazon & Apple are hurting consumers by their monopolistic behavior. Antitrust isn’t partisan issue. House GOP claims to care about inflation. Why aren’t bills being brought to floor in both House and Senate?

Admitting to treasonous accomplices at FBI in plain sight. From Trump fundraising email. No joke “We’ve now learned select group of honorable FBI agents wanted to CLOSE DOWN the Mar-a-Lago document investigation – but Biden’s Attorney General OVERRULED them in tense showdown.”

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