Broken down.

Dodgers infielder Gavin Lux was carted off the field Monday after suffering with a right knee injury during L.A’s spring training game today.

Hate to see anyone get hurt a month before the season starts, but brings up the question, who’s left as a free agent Dodgers can throw big bucks at to fill-in for him?

Lebron James has a foot injury and may be out several weeks, which could affect the Lakers’ playoff chances.

Because yes, after 60 of 82 games, being under 500 and in 12th place out of 15 teams, the play-in round still gives a team a decent shot of making the postseason.

Stephen Colbert says Former Guy does DJing at Mar-A-Lago. Looked it up & yep, direct Tr*mp quote: “You know what gets them rocking? ‘YMCA.'”‘YMCA… the gay national anthem. They call it the gay national anthem…” Uh, Don said gay. Shouldnt that get him kicked out of Florida.

KC and The Sunshine Band was trending today in high school. Remember seeing them at Disney World back when I was in high school. Let’s see, a band with black members singing “Shake your booty.” Have to imagine Ron Deathsantis would probably have them banned now.

Ron DeathSantis today; “In 1967, Florida Legislature “gifted extraordinary special privileges to a single corporation.” In 1967, Central Florida was just a swamp. Walt Disney Corporation has driven & still drives Florida tourism .

Can we start calling DeSantis the Lying King?

On Rachel Maddow, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talks about teaming up with J.D Vance to push for long term health solutions in East Palestine. This doesn’t get covered enough: When Senators who disagree on most things work together for bipartisan solutions for American people.

House Republicans are vowing to investigate President Biden’s handling of the East Palestine train disaster. But not apparently the Former Guy’s slashing of safety regulations that led to the derailment in the first place.

Ohio Gov. Mike Devine, broke his fibula last week when he tripped while visiting East Palestine. Fortunately he’ll be fine but needs to wear boot for a while.

DeVine is 76.

Imagine conservative media if President Biden had tripped last week in Poland or Ukraine and broke a bone in HIS foot?

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One Comment on “Broken down.”

  1. seattlegerry Says:

    The “Lying King?” I love it!

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