Last choice?

Has it occurred to Florida Governor Ron Desantis, that cutting APs and anything “woke” in Florida not only will put the state’s high school students at a disadvantage for elite college admissions but also may affect recruited athletes making decisions about universities?

Can’t imagine the parents of a star athlete of color wanting their kid in the state, leaving aside the worries for a young woman both in lack of women’s studies and what Deathsantis wants to do with reproductive rights.

Dallas Mavericks had a 27 point lead today against the Los Angeles Lakers… and ended up losing.

Two potential punchlines.

  1. They’ve been named honorary Atlanta Falcons.
  2. This was the most embarrassing performance out of Texas since the last time Ted Cruz gave a speech


Today’s GOP – January 6 was nothing but a peaceful protest but it was all Democrats’ fault. Also today’s GOP: COVID shutdowns and vaccines are a hoax, but it was all China’s fault. See the pattern?.

So where’s Scott Adams going to end up? Special contributor on Fox News? Special assistant to Muskrat at Twitter?

Right wing media attacks President Biden over East Palestine hoping you forgot the Former Guy got rid of safety regulations Then they attack Pete Buttigieg as DOT Secretary, hoping you forget Elaine Chao ever had that job.

Besides banning gender studies in Florida public colleges and universities, Ron DeSantis wants to prohibit general courses “with a curriculum based on unproven, theoretical or exploratory content.” So that would also mean no classes studying anything in the Bible?

Why is anyone shocked Jeb Bush endorsed DeSantis. In 1995 he wrote “Unmarried women would be less likely to have babies if communities did more to revive stigma around out-of-wedlock births; public condemnation was enough of stimulus for one to be careful.

In 1994 he wrote “best way for women to get off welfare was “find a husband.”

Jeb often sounded more reasonable. He never WAS reasonable.

CNN headline “Ohio’s toxic spill is unleashing poisonous, partisan politics.” In all seriousness, doesn’t almost everything these days unleash poisonous, partisan politics?

When Josh Hawley trends I feel compelled as a Stanford graduate that we have other alums in the Senate: Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Cory Booker and Tina Smith! Plus to name a few more – Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff and Rachel Maddow.

Senator Mark Kelly tweeted yesterday

“It will always be an honor to serve in Sen. John McCain’s seat. Traveling alongside Ambassador Cindy McCain this week to Zambia was a special opportunity to see how lucky we are to have her doing this work and a reminder of our shared commitment to service, wherever it takes us.”

The late Senator McCain absolutely was conservative. But we’ve come to the point now where probably more Democrats speak positively of John McCain than Republicans

80 degrees yesterday in Washington DC Global warming? Or GOP leadership in the House bringing record amounts of hot air?

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