February Madness

Brandon Mitchell, a star on Alabama’s basketball team that may get a #1 seed in NCAA men’s basketball tournament, apparently brought a gun to a teammate at his request.

And the teammate has been accused of murdering someone with that gun.

And Mitchell may have blocked the victim’s car from leaving.

And his coach says “wrong place, wrong time.”

Not knowing what the result would be in a trial, but if Brandon Miller were a bench basketball player at Alabama he’d be off the team already. If he were a random Alabama student he’d have been arrested.

Crimson Tide Coach Nick Oats called it “wrong place wrong time.”

Oats also says he sought advice about the incident from… Ray Lewis. Who himself was implicated in a murder and after initially being charged with murder, Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction in a plea agreement that dropped his murder charge.

DeSantis’ press secretary tweeted they’ll boycott NBC News & MSNBC: “This will be standard response from our office until

@mitchellreports apologizes & your track record improves.” Ron thinks he can be POTUS & stand up to our enemies? He can’t even stand up to Andrea Mitchell.

Ted Cruz, the man who let Velveeta Voldemort accuse his wife of being ugly and his father of killing JFK, AND who ran away to Cancun during a deadly winter storm affecting Texas, is accusing President Biden of being a “spineless jellyfish.”

I could never write anything as funny as that.

So apparently Alex Murdaugh wanted to take the stand to tell a jury he had stolen from and lied to his investors and lied about just about everything else he told police.

But he says he wasn’t lying about murdering his wife and son… Okay then.

Has a single Republican attacking President Biden and Pete Buttigieg for not cleaning up the mess in East Palestine suggested US reinstate some of the train safety regulations the Former Guy got rid of?

I’ll wait.

FDA ruled against dairy producer saying, oat, almond & other drinks that bill themselves as “milk” can keep using name & U.S. consumers aren’t confused by difference. Wonder if FDA added & if anyone is stupid enough to think oat milk comes from cows, they deserve what they get.

On the same day that Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee sent a bipartisan letter to DOJ urging them to continue to examine Live Nation/Ticketmaster for monopolistic practices that hurt consumers, a letter that included how Live Nation/ Ticketmaster claimed they didn’t have answers to a lot of questions asked about venues, numbers of tickets sold, etc… the company released their earnings report.

RECORD profits in 2022. With detailed facts and figures. Funny how that works.

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