All year long?

This is not perhaps now football wants to dominate headlines.

Georgia All-SEC linebacker Jamon Duman Johnson was arrested Wednesday in Athens, GA, the day the Bulldogs returned after the College Football Playoff championship win against TCU in Los Angeles.

Dumas-Johnson is due to be a junior next year. Wonder if it’s too late for him to declare for the NFL draft?

Velveeta Voldemort traveled for a photo op to East Palestine today. After during his Presidency he got rid of train safety regulations. It’s as if an official who allowed a building to be built without sprinklers showed up after it burned to the ground.

So the Former Guy didn’t throw Paper Towels in East Palestine. But he did give out “Trump Water.” Trump Spring Water brand was discontinued in 2010. Does water expire?

More to the point, will Donald take the donations of old water as a tax write off?

Wonder how many in GOP blaming Pete Buttigieg for not being able to clean up all of the problems caused by the Former Guy’s administration’s anti-regulation policies could even tell you who Trump’s Dept of Transportation was? Hint, Mitch McConnell isn’t leading the attacks.

This is really a headline/ad on the Fox News website. As Fox tries to set another record for “how low can you go? Fox Nation “He faces accusations of lying from Democrats and Republicans. Now, George Santos joins Piers Morgan to set the record straight.”

Today it was Boulder High School. Only country in the world where a school trends on social media and we all, usually correctly, assume a shooter. It’s the guns, stupid.

And as it turned out, the Boulder High School active shooter threat and others in Colorado turned out to be hoaxes. This time. Have to think today was a lot more disturbing and tramautizing for students than reading some random book that has sex or racism in it.

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