World what?

USA loses 3-1 to Netherlands and is out of the tournament. So now Americans can stop pretending to overlook what a corrupt organization FIFA is, how awful Qatar’s human rights’ abuses are, and how many workers actually died to put on this World Cup?

Colorado just hired Deion Sanders as their next football coach. The outspoken former baseball and football star has little big time coaching experience, but three years as a successful coach at FCS’s Jackson State. Wish him the best. But if he’s over his head, so much better for this to happen in college football than as a member of Congress.

From NY Times obit on Gaylord Perry “His daughter Allison Perry said in confirming death that Perry contracted the coronavirus last year and never fully recovered.”

We may be done with COVID. But it’s not necessarily done with us. Be careful out there.

Nick Saban says 2-loss Alabama earned consideration for College Football Playoff with the question “how are they playing at present?

Leaving aside Crimson Tide didn’t even make SEC championship, by that token why not pick 2-loss Tulane Green Wave. who just solidly avenged their loss to UCF?

Lindsey Graham claims “It’s just a matter of time’ before a terrorist gets through border and kills Americans.” Uh, these days we’re far more likely to be killed by terrorists grown right here in the USA.

New poll in Georgia find white women with college degrees support Warnock 53% to 44% for Walker As a white woman with a college degree am somewhere between pleased that the Reverend has a 9 point lead with our demographic… and appalled that it’s ONLY a 9 point lead.

Dear Georgia Voters; On December 6 you have a choice. You can return a good man to the Senate. Or you can be the butt of jokes for six years. Vote to re-elect Reverend Warnock.

Has a single Republican condemned Velveeta Voldemort’s call to terminate the Constitution?

Give me a break. Fox News headline: “‘TURNED HIS BACK’; “Rail workers unleash fury on Biden after he forces unions to accept terms or else.” GOP refused to pass legislation w/ sick leave. If Biden tried illegal step of overriding Congress, Fox would call him socialist dictator.

One of many ways to illustrate media problem these days… After the most consequential Speaker of many of our lifetimes stepped down, Democrats quickly elected Hakeem Jeffries as House leader. And that story will get a fraction of the attention GOP’s in-House fight gets..

Susan Collins voted against paid sick leave for rail workers. But I am sure if they do get sick and are unable to pay bills Senator Collins would be very concerned.

When Velveeta Voldemort had a state dinner for French President Macron he did not invite a single Democratic member of Congress. Whereas Joe Biden invited GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, along with Senators Susan Collins & John Thune. It’s so nice having a President.

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