Special treatment.

Tampa police have issued domestic battery arrest warrant from Nov 28 incident with a woman for now former NFL WR Antonio Brown. Of course if Tom Brady hadn’t wanted Brown to help him win another ring in 2021 Antonio would have been out of football & maybe in jail, a lot sooner.

Has Aaron Judge made up his mind yet and he’s just messing with us.

RIP Gaylord Perry. My favorite story about Perry has nothing to do with the spitter.

Former SF Giants manager Alvin Dark once said ‘There’ll be a man on the moon before Gaylord Perry hits a home run.’”

On July 20, 1969, a few hours after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Gaylord Perry hit his first and only home run.

Hey media… you’ve given us nonstop coverage of Velveeta Voldemort’s dinner at Mar-A-Lago last week. Why not more coverage of tonight’s state dinner?. Would be kind of fun & positive to see everyone dressed up at White House. Maybe there’s even some bipartisan good will there?

So 43 Senators, who only had 10 days in session in November and who NEVER get docked pay for not showing up just voted to deny railway workers paid sick leave. And the 52 who voted yes weren’t enough to pass it. It’s past time to change the filibuster.

36 GOP Senators claimed “religious freedom” more important than right of people who love each other to marry. Really want to see test case if pharmacist says their religious views do not allow them to dispense Viagra unless a man can prove he is married & his wife agrees.

As Chuck Grassley & other Republicans obsess about Hunter Biden, would take them just a bit more seriously if they showed one iota the outrage over Velveeta Voldemort’s spawn benefiting nonstop during his Presidency.

Prince William’s Godmother & Queen Elizabeth’s longtime Lady in Waiting Susan Hussey resigned from Buckingham Palace after she repeatedly quizzed a British black charity founder ‘what part of Africa are you from?” What’s next? Will Lady Hussey be invited to Mar-A-Lago?

The French Baguette has been given UNESCO World Heritage status. Excellent, but maybe some Heritage designation should be done for the US Twinkie? Baguettes last a day or two. Twinkies can last several lifetimes.

Senator Reverend Warnock has been fighting for the people of Georgia on voting rights, prescription drugs, including insulin. He deserves re-election even if he were running against a “normal” republican. But against Walker? It shouldn’t even be close.

GOP love to attack Democrats if any of their donors/friends do anything controversial. Meanwhile Joel Greenberg, former Matt Gaetz confidant who said “he witnessed Mr. Gaetz have sex w/ 17-year-old girl & she was paid” was just sentenced today to 11 yrs for for sex trafficking,

RIP Christine McVie, She was 79. Can’t be the only one who knew all their music in high school to wonder – how could anyone from Fleetwood Mac be almost 80 years old?

Stephen Colbert nails an important detail with the Marriage Equality act: “If you get married in Massachusetts and then move to Florida, no one can question the validity of your marriage. But they can question why you moved to Florida.”

If an alien landed on this planet and somehow started watching Fox News they’d be forgiven for thinking all USA’s problems could be solved by investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop.

At Dealbook summit, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Says Apple’s app store’s dominance is not ‘sustainable or good.” While he’s right, this is rich coming from the man who bought competitor Instagram and Whatsapp, and basically shut down Vine.

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