Faint praise might be less damning?

For the past couple weeks ESPN has ranked SF Giants among the top teams in MLB. Since the Giants over their last 10 days are 3-7, thinking maybe it would be better if ESPN puts them back towards the bottom.

Bright spot in another loss for SF Giants was Sean Hjelle having a 1-2-3 inning in his first major league appearance. Hjelle, from Mahtomedi, Minnesota, already tied an MLB record being 6’11.” Tallest in MLB history and taller than most of the NBA Timberwolves.

Meghan McCain’s book ‘Bad Republican: A Memoir,” which was released April 26, has sold 244 copies. (Not a typo.) At this point Meghan’s only hope for getting readers is to leak some reason the rest of GOP might want to ban her book.

OTOH, Velveeta Voldemort had a reported 600 people at his Pennsylvania rally tonight. I don’t watch but wonder if he bragged about being twice as popular as John McCain’s daughter.

The Washington Post Friday has an opinion column “Overturning Roe would make America more democratic.” Didn’t even have to look at the byline to know it was written by a man.

Fox News still hasn’t gotten around to covering today’s job report – which was 428,000 new jobs in April. That number beat forecasts for an increase of 380,000. If it had come in lower you KNOW Fox would have made it their number one headline!

And some wonder why I wear a mask in public. Anonymoua rravel client just told me about acquaintance who tested positive for COVID early this week & has been running around doing errands before leaving this weekend for Europe – Her flight will be 5 days from date of her positive test.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert points out Dr. Oz, who has dual US-Turkish citizenship, not only lived in New Jersey until he started running for Senate in Pennsylvania, but also was seen, while he claimed not to be involved in Turkish politics at all, voting in Turkey in 2018

No wonder GOP’s focused on voter fraud – they’re so good at it.

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