Arson squads

Phillies gave a 7-1 lead in Philadelphia to the bullpen facing NY Mets going to the 9th. The Phillies still had a 7-4 lead with 2 outs in the 9th. And they lost 8-7.

SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler never wants to hear about piling on with a big lead again.

Although the SF Giants offense, with several starters on the regular IL and others with COVID, has only scored 1 run in each of the last three games. There offense could be called criminally bad right now, though the case could be tossed for insufficient evidence.

Tom Brady on Tiktok today with the “tell me something honest” trend – “The ‘Tuck Rule’ game against the Raiders? Might have been a fumble.” Easier to own an official’s mistake than something that might leave him feeling deflated

Warriors – Grizzles played Game 2 of Western Conference Semi-Finals Tuesday night, and don’t play again until Saturday night?

Heck, why not spread games a week apart, then the NBA could stretch the finals out until August.-

Happy Cinco de Mayo. A day when plenty of white Americans get drunk on tequila and bitch about immigrants.

So how many more people are sitting on explosive tapes to sell future books? Asking for a really tired country.

Some Republcians are trying to say it’s murder to terminate any pregnancy from the moment of conception.

That makes IVF murder. Along with IUDs and possibly birth control pills. But if baby crawls around house some night and scares someone asleep with gun by their bed and the baby ends up accidentally fatally shot, that’s self-defense and fine.

If it’s going to be homicide in Louisiana from the moment of fertilization shouldn’t male masturbation be attempted murder?

In 2018, 78% of IVF was done by white women. It’s expensive. To maximize pregnancy chances, doctor can implant several embryos. If more than 2 survive they may do “multifetal pregnancy reduction”- translation, selective abortion. GOP going to start locking up rich white women?

Stephen Colbert responding to Kellyanne Conway on Fox News complaining Democrats weren’t talking about abortion rights until today.

“Typically people wait until something happens to talk about it. Nobody on the Titanic was complainng about icebergs when they left the harbor.”

Amy Klobuchar today at Democratic press briefing about codifying Roe V. Wade into law. Saying about Republicans ‘We always said they’d take us back to the 50s. They’re taking us back to the 1850s.”

So now former Defense Secretary Mark Esper is the latest who sat on terrifying stories about Velveeta Voldemort because he wanted to save them for his memoir. This would be a great game of “Batsh*t Book Secrets Bingo” if it weren’t our democracy at stake.

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