Crossing lines.

The entire NY Yankees active roster were allowed to cross the border into Canada for a three-game series in Toronto against Blue Jayas tonight – which means they were all vaccinated against COVID-19.

Well, politics and science aside, good to know the Yankees had their rea$on$.

NFL says independent review found “no evidence” to substantiate allegations made by ex-Browns coach Hue Jackson that team tanked games. Translation, either no one w/ Cleveland put anything in writing, or Browns had enough notice they found good IT person to scrub computers.

Need to remember. GOP knows if prices stay high it will cost Democrats votes in November. So Republican senators will do everything they can to make inflation worse. Because they want Americans to suffer to help them win an election.

Been in awe of Ketanji Brown Jackson for a while. But think on this, not only did she agree to put herself through a heinous hearing, Ketanji agreed to accept a lifetime appointment to be on SCOTUS with these right-wing so-called Christian autocrats.

Curiously if Ivanka did turn out to have thrown Velveeta Voldemort under the bus she will have proven she really is her father’s daughter.

Governor Ron Deathsantis “I get people that write in to Florida from other countries saying, we look to Florida as kind of the beacon.” Other countries? Like Russia and Saudi Arabia?

IF you call yourself a Democrat but claim you’lll either not vote or vote 3rd party or protest vote because Democratic candidate isn’t perfect or somehow offended you… Maybe tonight will convince you to get over it & get your a** to voting booth & #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Women still have the right to vote in this country. We need to use it before this SCOTUS repeals 19th amendment next.

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