Bottom dwelling

Cincinnati Reds are now 3-19, setting the franchise mark for their worst start to a season.

Reds President Phil Castellini, son of owner Bob Castellini earlier this season threatened unhappy fans who want his dad to sell the team “To who?

And Phil indicated other owners might “pick (the team) up and move it somewhere else. “

At this rate, Reds fans might help them pack.

Warriors won Sunday night against the Grizzlies despite Draymond Green being ejected for a “Flagrant 2” foul that he said was“probably a reputation thing” rather than a legitimate call. 

Didn’t see the foul, but since this sort of thing keeps happening, would it be heretical to suggest Draymond work on his reputation?

Positive signs for the week ahead. Trevor Noah rocked the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. And Stephen Colbert is back after a brief hiatus on Monday night.

Since we know just about everything else GOP accuses President Biden and Democrats of is projection, perhaps we should be more focused on Velveeta Voldemort’s possible dementia. Come to think of it, has anyone heard him say recently “Man, woman, person, camera TV?”

Dr. Deborah Birx was on CBS this Sunday morning talking about her predictions for COVID this summer. With all due respect, after her shameless toadying for Velveeta Voldemort why does anyone care now what Dr. Birx thinks?

Dear Ohio.

If you want to elect a populist to the Senate besides Sherrod Brown:

J.D. Vance is a venture capitalist bankrolled by a billionaire venture capitalist. He is not a populist.

Tim Ryan is a populist. You’re welcome.

Oops, Fox News story on Biden’s WHCD jokes led w/ Joe joking about his low approval ratings but included the President saying “nothing I can say about GOP Kevin McCarthy hasn’t already been put on tape,” referring to leaked tapes reported by NYTimes showing GOP leader criticizing Trump.

Fox viewers “what tapes?”

One reason media claimed Hillary Clinton needed to go home and knit after 2016 is that she was too old to run again. Hillary is now 74.

Velveeta Voldemort is now 75. But no, there’s no misogyny in this country.

From an anonymous friend “I’m so old I remember when the only fake news was the National Enquirer.”

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