And then there were two

Congratulations to South Carolina women’s basketball team, for a wire to wire win over U Conn today for the NCAA women’s national championship.

(Since Senators often come to the floor to praise winning teams from their state, can the Gamecocks at least ask that if they can’t get someone from another state to fill it, it at least be Tim Scott and not Lindsey Graham?)

In Coach K’s final game for Duke against UNC, his team lost 81-77. And free throw stats. UNC 17-24 Duke 12-20 Blue Devils may have all the NBA talent -but had they just shot the same % as UNC at free throw line, we’d be talking about a Duke-Kansas final.

So I didn’t watch Velveeta Voldemort Vanity rally Saturday night in a Detroit suburb. But apparently the Detroit Lions for this year at least will no longer be the most embarrassing thing in Michigan.

You really wonder with these retiring Republicans. What are they hoping to gain by their slavish devotion to Mitch McConnell and the party line? Or what are they afraid of. Or both.

So is Roy Blunt, who says he doesn’t think Ketanji Brown Jackson is worthy of a lifetime appointment, saying he would have voted against Clarence Thomas too?

So is Florida GOP going to demand a boycott of the Wizard of Oz next? After all the movie theme is “Over the Rainbow.” #SayGay

If the media is going to give headlines to what a party’s former Presidential candidate says, that candidate should be Hillary Clinton.

Thank SNL tonight for having a skit including Ginni Thomas’s texts, and another mentioning Marsha Blackburn’s ridiculous & mean “What is a woman?” questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson. At least a comedy show knows there are more important things in the world now than that slap.

While SNL last night DID cover Ginni Thomas text story and GOP attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson, Fox News headlines today only mention the show’s addressing “the slap.” Because heaven forbid their viewers hear about any real news, even done as satire.

So how many people are only gonna pay attention to the Grammys if somebody slaps somebody?

I am so old I remember thinking Jim Jones was the worst American cult leader in my lifetime. #TrumpRally

Today’s GOP will go to the mat to defend rights of a florist who decides they can’t possibly arrange flowers for a gay wedding but they will also fight a multibillion dollar corporation (that contributes hugely to a state’s economy) who decides THEY have the right to make a pro-gay business decision.

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