“If you’re a star they let you do it.”

NFC’s #1 seed Green Bay Packers led by possible MVP QB who’s not only unvaccinated,but LIED about it, putting teammates, staff & families at risk.

Aaron Rodgers missed ONE game & was fined $14,650. Less than $15,450 Dallas WR CeeDee Lamb was fined 2nd time for untucked jersey. But no, NFL doesn’t play favorites

Tom Brady – “everyone should be compassionate and empathetic towards Antonio Brown.” Not without sympathy for those with mental illness.

But where were calls for compassion and empathy towards those Brown has (allegedly) assaulted? And those he put at risk w/ fake vaccine card?

When and where will Antonio Brown announce he is running for Congress as a Republican?

Meanwhile, Carlson Wentz, unvaccinated, started for Colts after testing positive for COVID Dec 28.

NFL rules, changed after Saints had 1/2 team out on MNF, now allow players to return in 5 days just “if they can demonstrate their symptoms are lessening.” What could possibly go wrong?

SNL honored Betty White last night by replaying great 2010 Mother’s Day Show she hosted.

Betty “I really have to thank Facebook” (there was serious campaign to have her host.) Adding “I didn’t know what Facebook was, & now that I do know what it is, it sounds like a huge waste of time.”

Wrap your head around this: Same media who told popular vote winner Hillary Clinton, gracious in Electoral College defeat, to go home & knit, now planning to cover a press conference full of lies by man who not only lost election, but tried a coup attempt to overturn results.

Some in GOP believe that any bakery has a right not to make a cake for a gay couple. But publicly traded social media company that clearly delineates its Terms of Service for everyone has no right to suspend someone who repeatedly violates them. Make it make sense.

Even conservative Newsweek says story Marjorie Taylor Greene, permanently suspended from Twitter for lying about COVID, again, has stock in Pfizer is true. “Financial disclosure, signed by Greene Aug 13, reveals among more than 100 companies she had stock in, at least 3 were COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.”

They’re not all dumb, they think we are

If you ignore social media terms of service and get yourself suspended, you have no more justification to complain than if you run a red light and get in a traffic accident.

As waitress for years & travel agent for decades, have put professionalism over politics my entire working life. (Served Caspar Weinberger in college.) Now have many GOP clients. But would be tough test if GOP Senator asked me for help getting back to DC in Monday’s snowstorm.

Dear Mike Pence – January 6, 2021 was just “one day in January” like December 7, 1941 was just “one day in December.”

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