Team players?

Some of these athletes “do their own research” in deciding to ignore vaccines and mask mandates. How long would they stay on a team if they reacted that way to what their coach told them to do?

Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins tested positive for COVID on Friday, and will miss the Vikings game against the Packers. Cousins is unvaccinated. Sort of an exclamation point on a career full of bad decisions.

Colts QB Carson Wentz , who is also unvaccinated, tested positive on December 28. Now he’s OFF the COVID-19 reserve list for Jan 2 game.

“If you’re a star they let you do it… you can do anything.”

Over 90,000 people, including 60,000 Utah fans in Rose Bowl stands today. As Los Angeles County is currently biggest COVID hot spot in California. What could possibly go wrong?

And then many of the remaining people in the stands are from Ohio, where hospitalizations are at record levels. Now, the Rose Bowl wants proof of vaccination OR a negative test for COVID within 72 hours. But 72 hours is a long time these days.

All these people saying Cincinnati had no business in the CFB Playoff . But actually the Bearcats looked more competitive than Michigan.

Thinking last night watching New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Anderson Cooper really is the closest thing we have to Walter Cronkite. And then trying to imagine Uncle Walter drunk.

Dear Mike Pence – January 6, 2020 was just “one day in January” like December 7, 1941 was just “one day in December.”

After fighting vaccine & mask mandates, Texas Governor Greg Abbott now begging federal government for COVID help including monoclonal antibodies. Well, good to stay in practice, Abbott will probably be asking for more help when Texas power grid fails again this winter.

Wait. This from Fox News website just now? Are their regular editors taking January 1 off? (Don’t tell Ron Deathsantis.) “CORONAVIRUS Published 45 mins ago New York, Florida shatter single-day records for COVID-19 cases”

Anti-vaxxer Jason Aldean, who played at Mar-A-Lago last night, and posted for pictures with the Former Guy, was on stage when the Las Vegas massacre started at the Route 91 Festival in 2017. You’d think the brush with death might have given Aldean more appreciation for life.

Even if Omicron is the variant that makes COVID endemic and vaccines don’t stop it, unvaccinated people are still 10 to 20 times more likely to be hospitalized or die. Flu shots don’t stop the flu either. They keep you from dying from the flu. Why is this so hard?

With COVID we’ve already learned a lot of Americans don’t believe in science. Now learning many folks shocked at Omicron numbers don’t get exponential math either.

How many men who now claim to reject COVID vaccines because you need a shot more than once just take ONE Viagra?

“Alaska Airlines was reporting hold times of up to 20 hours on Thursday. Delta & JetBlue are quoting hold times of 1 hour & 35 minutes and 2 hours & 16 minutes, respectively.” If we don’t all burnout we travel agents are going to have jobs forever.

“Only the good die young.” Thank Betty White for reminding us that 99 can be young!

And finally, Happy New Year. John Madden, Harry Reid and Betty White in one week?

Maybe 2022 could give us an optimistic sign by taking out an a**hole or two this week?

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