Cure all

Green Bay Packers looked pretty miserable the first week of season against New Orleans Saints. Fortunately the NFL sometimes has a cure for that. It’s called playing the Detroit Lions.

Since both Clemson and OSU didn’t look impressive in their victories, Oregon moved up from #4 to #3 in AP college football poll after their 48-7 win last Saturday So it sounds like Ducks made a good decision in emulating SEC teams by scheduling a powerhouse like Stony Brook.

USA today announcing from early November, passengers travelling from the UK & EU who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to fly into the country. Now if we could only get a accine requirement for people flying from dangerous hotspots like Florida.

Ugh, feeling sorry for horse people. But learning now that ivermectin is in short supply makes me as a cat owner selfishly glad that COVIDiots didn’t seize on an important feline medicine as a fake cure for the virus.

If GOP doesn’t want to raise the debt ceiling they can simply introduce a bill to rescind the Former Guy’s tax cuts. Pretty sure Democrats would make it a bipartisan effort. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Already getting tired of all the “nuggets” from Bob Woodward’s book “Peril.” So many people knew so much. And they ALL kept their mouths shut. Some to keep their jobs, some to sell books. That strikes me as the real Peril we were in.

As COVID overtakes the 1918 Spanish Flu as the deadliest disease in USA history, important to realize a major difference. We didn’t have a vaccine against the Spanish Flu. Sadly, we also didn’t have misinformation on social media.

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  1. marc ragovin Says:

    [NY Jets QB] Zack Wilson’s stats are now being reported in The Intercept

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