Sports weak.

I know the NFL has to hype everything. But when they talked about San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles as ‘a battle of the undefeated..” And both teams were 1-0?

With two weeks left in the season, the NY Yankees are being giving a 28.7% chance to make the postseason. You know what that means – in two weeks ESPN will be focusing on football.

Hard to believe that the Mets spent 90 days in first place this season, a streak that only ended August 6.

On the other hand, Mets fans have now had more time to get used to the idea of October off.

I know New Orleans Saints including their coaching staff are fully vaccinated, so NFL won’t penalize them for EIGHT coaches being out this week with COVID breakthrough cases. But looking like it might have been better just to take the loss and the week off. #WhoDat

38,680 people died in US in 2020 from car crashes – how many more would have died if US didn’t have seat belt laws and speed limits. About 375,000 died in US in 2020 from COVID. Now we HAVE vaccines, and almost 300,000 more have died… because US doesn’t have a vaccine mandate.

Wonder how many people when their toilet breaks and starts flooding the bathroom decide to “do my own research” before calling a plumber

We wonder why GOP voters have low opinion of our President. Fox News headline “Biden vacations at Delaware beach house after week of heavy losses.” 1. They have phones etc in Delaware. 2. I missed Fox – TFG “vacations at his golf resort almost EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND for 4 years.”

All you need to know about Chuck Todd is Fox News is touting him in a headline – “NBC’s Chuck Todd says Biden has ‘a pretty big credibility crisis’ after weekend setbacks.” Why doesn’t Fox just hire Todd and be done with it?

Peer pressure is tough. Sometimes kids who don’t want to appear uncool in front of friends will make smart decision & blame it on their parents “I’d get grounded,” “My mom will kill me,” etc. Wonder how many will be secretly relieved to get vaccinated but blame it on mandates?

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