Let Pitchers Hit.

“Oh man, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire career,” pinch hitter Kevin Gausman said. “When it was 3-2 and everybody stood up, it was probably one of the coolest moments of my life. … Just crazy.”

SF Giants 6- Atlanta Braves 5.

ESPN saying that “Best walkoff of the day” was the Rays’ Brett Phillips home run against the Tigers. Clearly this was before Babe Gausman’s walk off sacrifice fly for SF Giants against the Braves.

SF Giants Donovan Solano hit game-tying home run w/ 2 strikes in bottom of 9th. His 1st AB in over 2 weeks after recovering from COVID & quarantine. Solano was breakthrough case while vaccinated. Time to spread rumor if you get Covid while vaccinated you become more powerful? (It could be true.)

ESPN headline “One of baseball’s best teams, either the Giants or Dodgers will face a wild-card elimination game? Here’s why that’s a good thing.” Well, if you’re ESPN and not a Giants or Dodgers fan.

Rachel Maddow talking about Canadian election. Of course Bernie Sanders is endorsing the New Democratic Party candidate -Jagmeet Singh. Which presumably means Bernie’s okay with Conservative party winning if Singh takes votes from Trudeau. Where have we seen this script before?

Multiple terrifying daily revelations from Woodward’s book “Peril.” If only any of these people quoted had had a platform to speak out at the time when our country was seriously in peril…

Hey GOP. Your politicians and pundits love to complain that Americans don’t want to work these days: Maybe it might help if you condemned people who attack restaurant, retail and travel workers over stuff like vaccine and mask mandates.

Wonder what anti-vax and anti-mask Texans would do if restaurant workers started arming their hosts and hostesses?

Fox News historically has been quick to jump on France – remember Freedom Fries – for varying issues with the US, real and imagined. So somehow I must have missed their praise of President Biden’s submarine deal that clearly p*ssed France off.

So last year at this time we’d wake up in the morning and go “Now what did he tweet?” Now we’re waking up and going “now what right-wing anti-vaxxer has a severe case of COVID-19?””

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