SF Giants starter, Alex Wood, out nearly 3 weeks with COVID-19 – “politely declined again to disclose his vaccination status.” Translation: He hasn’t been vaccinated. Sigh.

At least SF Giants can be thankful there wasn’t a second trade deadline in 2021. Otherwise LA Dodgers would have figured out a way to get up to at least $400,000,000 million payroll.

Controversy tonight as to whether umpires ejected Baltimore Orioles grounds crew, or just them to leave the field.

When you’re on pace to lose about 110 games in a year, you have to get creative to make headlines.

Tonight on the”The Last Word,” Lawrence O’Donnell reports “Paul Ryan was convinced Trump had Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

In related news, Paul Ryan is also convinced water is wet.

Tommy Tuberville on Sep 18 rally – “I hadn’t heard anything about it. I will not be there.” Do I believe he hasn’t heard anything, no. Do I believe he won’t be there, yes. There’s no way Tommy’d think even possible insurrection he supports is as important as college football.

Rachel Maddow reports that many Republicans are trying to keep Sept 18 DC rally and rally goers at arms length… Why? Aren’t they the same festive tourists who showed up on January 6?

Why does CNN cover all these statements that Velveeta Voldemort makes? (Just for comparison, I don’t remember it being breaking news when Hillary Clinton said things 10 months after the 2016 election.)

You just KNOW if these anti-mask anti-vaxx folks were in London during the Blitz instead of following blackout rules they’d be running outside at night to take pictures of those cool German planes.

So would any Republican Senator like to explain on camera why it was worth raising the debt ceiling to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. But not to help all Americans with the infrastructure bill?

If states are going to to need ration healthcare can the first question they ask when a patient arrives at a doctor’s office or hospital be “are you vaccinated?” Not to be cruel, but why waste scarce resources on someone who doesn’t believe in medical science?

Here’s what I don’t get. GOP professes to be pro-business. Businesses are increasingly deciding that vaccine mandates for employees and customers are a good thing. So shouldn’t Republicans be applauding their freedom of choice?

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