Team effort

There is a reason the 2021 Diamondbacks are approaching 1962 Mets numbers. They just pitched to Thairo Estrada , making his SF Giants debut, with a runner on 2nd, 2 outs and pitcher Alex Wood on deck. Wood was 0-20 with 17 strikeouts. And yes, Estrada got the RBI.

But to anyone who thinks Thairo Estrada, 25, might be nervous in his first SF Giants start: In Jan 2018 Estrada, was shot in the hip during a robbery attempt in Venezuela. Bullet wasn’t removed until 6 months later in Tampa. Yeah, that might make you redefine pressure.

Josh Gordon still on indefinite suspension from NFL since Dec. 2019 for violating substance abuse & PED policies- the wide receiver’s 6th suspension since 2013.. But Gordon has asked Roger Goodell for reinstatement for 2021 season. Part of league’s 10 strikes & you’re out policy?

Will ANYONE explain to me how marijuana does anything for your performance in a race except slow you down? If Sha’Carri Richardson had only done something less serious, like vandalized a gas station and lied about it. #RyanLochte

The Former Guy isn’t President anymore. But if he simply made an announcement – or gave an interview — saying that he has been vaccinated and all his supporters should follow suit he would save many lives. Just saying – “Failure to render aid” is a crime.

New search request update tonight from USPS

“Your package has not yet been recovered, but every effort being made to locate your item(s). Search Request Details: Request Date: 01/04/2021 -(This was a Christmas gift mailed to Chicago)

Did Biden fire DeJoy by mail & Louis doesn’t know it yet?

Stanford Football announced they are planning to allow fans at full capacity this fall. Uh, I’m an alum and a fan. But to be honest, how often lately pre-pandemic was the stadium filled to full capacity?

Some conservatives angry w/ Kavanaugh & Barrett for siding w/ SCOTUS liberals in declining case of Southern Baptist florist who refused to sell flowers for a gay wedding. Wonder why none of these florists ever refuse to sell to a straight couple living together before marriage?

New Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 67% of Democrats say their entire household is vaccinated compared to only 39% of Republicans. Dying to own the libs.

Another poll found two-thirds of Americans believe democracy in the United States is under threat. Wonder how many of that other one-third are doing the threatening?

Claire McCaskill being attacked for her comments comparing the attack on the US Capitol to Benghazi.

But Claire was right. January 6 WAS worse than Benghazi. More deaths – and a death toll that but for the Capitol Police would have been far worse. And at least with Benghazi we didn’t worry afterwards that terrorists were working with accomplices in the US government.

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