Heading towards the weak end

So glad the SF Giants are one of those teams who are at 85% vaccinated with COVID. Because otherwise these days I’d hear “Johnny Cueto has a bad cold” and feel a lot more nervous.

American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who won the US 100 meter sprint trials, reportedly tested positive for cannabis & might thus be kept off Olympic team. Uh, shouldn’t if anything using pot have made Richardson SLOWER?

Hey I’m a Stanford alum who saw him play in Maples Pavilion but even I didn’t have “Brook Lopez leads Bucks to game 5 win against Hawks” in my top ten (or 1000) possible headlines tonight.

Wonder how Dodgers players, most of them married, many with daughters, feel about Dave Roberts treating Trevor Bauer right now as if everything is normal.

Dave Roberts says “it’s out of our hands,” as far as Trevor Bauer’s scheduled start on Sunday. Uh, give me a bleeping break. In MAY 2021, Dodgers pushed back Bauer’s start just so he could pitch against the SF Giants. No joke.

It’s been a week of unspeakable horror for those with friends and family members unaccounted in the Surfside condo collapse. Can you imagine if they had had to meet with the Former Guy on top of it?

It’s so good to have a Comforter-in-chief again.

If you’re paying sky-high rental car rates this holiday week… AvisBudget Group owns Avis, Budget & Payless. Enterprise Holdings owns Alamo, Enterprise & National. Hertz Global Holdings owns Dollar, Hertz & Thrifty. Competition policy & antitrust is NOT just about Big Tech.

As Rachel Maddow covers today’s indictment of Trump Organization & CFO for tax crimes, your reminder that in a 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton, Velveeta Voldemort BRAGGED about not paying taxes and said “That makes me smart.”-

Maybe Royal Caribbean didn’t cave as much to Florida Governor De Santis as we thought. They’ve posted a list of places you can’t go if you’re not vaccinated on their ships. One of them is the Casino. So much for feeling lucky.

Never watch the View, but to those who say liberals don’t want to hear different views – uh, my issue with Meghan McCain has not been that she says things that are conservative, but that she says things that are stupid.

I understand loyalty. Susan McDougal went to jail rather than testify against Bill Clinton. Velveeta Voldemort is NOT Bill Clinton.

Kevin McCarthy insisted he’s “not threatening” GOP members of Congress who agree to serve on Jan 6 select committee, but said it was “unprecedented” for Cheney to accept a spot on the panel. Uh, is McCarthy stupid, or does he think we are?

Stephen Colbert tonight, after House GOP, most of who cowered in terror on Jan 6, mostly now cowered in terror at thought of joining Pelosi’s commission – “So we’ll now have 7 Democrats to grill seditionists. And if that doesn’t work we have 1 Cheney to shoot them in the face.

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