Fly the W.

SF Giants lost back to back games vs Rockies, 6-8 and 5-6 after Giants pitchers gave Rockies a six run inning in each game. Would like to thank Cubs for sweeping Dodgers to make those games hurt a LITTLE less. #BeatLA

Safeway advertising California sparkling wine on sale for Mother’s Day. In the fine print the ad notes “when you purchase six or more.” Since large groups are still basically discouraged is this implying Mom’s a lush, or you are?

Does grocery money talk? Safeway in California at least is now offering anyone who gets the COVID-19 vaccine at one of their in-store pharmacies a 10% grocery discount coupon.

Random nonpolitical thought. Got an ad flyer from Round Table, a Western pizza chain for “Street Taco Pizza.” -featuring charred corn, zesty chorizo, tomatoes, crema, crisp tortilla strips.. Uh, sounds okay…but if you want those flavors, why not go get tacos?

Jim Acosta on CNN with Anderson Cooper called the Former Guy “a snake in search of a sewer.” “And he just can’t find one.” There are moments I quite like Acosta.

Child porn allegations against Josh Duggar have gone from bad to seriously stomach-churning. Except over on FoxNews website, absolute crickets today. But they find time for this headline “Woman’s allegation against McDonald’s will make you lose your lunch.”

Despite past allegations past of molesting his sisters and others, & recent alleged discovery of over 200 nude pictures of children on his phone & more along with videos of child sexual abuse on his laptop, Josh Duggar has been granted bail. Siri, what is “White Male Privilege?”

So if Liz Cheney somehow wins this battle for the soul of the GOP, or rather the battle to bring back a soul to the GOP, how are all these Former Guy sycophants going to spin it to say they never really supported him?

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was asked yesterday about senators who don’t wear face coverings: “One of them that’s an M.D., isn’t, but he’s kind of a lunatic.” If you didn’t already love Sherrod Brown. (Now can someone ask him about Cancun Cruz?)

Happy Cinco de Mayo. So how many White supremacists will celebrate by going out maskless and getting drunk in Mexican restaurants on margaritas?

A judge has called former attorney general Bill Barr “disingenuous” when he cleared the Former guy of obstruction of justice charges. “Disingenuous” is using an awful lot of letters to avoid saying “Barr lied.”

A lot of this BS from the Former Guy makes sense if you realize he doesn’t think of himself as a President, he thinks of himself as King.

Since winning House seat in 2014, she’s had 1 of Hill’s most bipartisan records. On key votes, including Trump’s signature tax cuts, she’s bucked president. Nov 2019, she crossed aisle to keep government funded.” In Dec 2019 this WAS Elise Stefanik. Another one bites the dust.

Mitch McConnell: “100% of my focus is on stopping this new administration.” So when Joe Biden and Senate Democratic leaders pass what will be a very popular infrastructure bill can we put Mitch’s quote on billboards all across the country before 2022 midterms?

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2 Comments on “Fly the W.”

  1. Dennis Mar (Monterey, CA) Says:

    “Safeway in California at least is now offering anyone who gets the COVID-19 vaccine at one of their in-store pharmacies a 10% grocery discount coupon.” In previous years, they gave these coupons when you received a flu shot at their pharmacy.

  2. you still get them for flu and shingles shots!

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