Day late…

Forgot to hit send again…. Can I blame the Former Guy?

Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw was pulled after 1 inning after giving up 4 earned runs today vs the Cubs. But he had a much better day than Rockies’ German Marquez, who gave up 8 earned runs in 2/3 in the top of the first inning vs the Giants. Baseball is a funny game.

New Jersey is starting a program whereby state residents can bring their vaccine card to a number of participating breweries for a few free. Hmm…. I think I see a way to get even the vaccine hesitant their shots at summer baseball games….

I really miss when Florida stories like this were the most outrageous stuff coming out of the state: Florida teen faces 16 years jail for hacking homecoming queen contest

So if GOP wants to raise the bar for participatory democracy what about using a vaccine passport for a voter id?

The Former Guy not only lost the Electoral College, he lost the popular vote by a larger margin than he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016. So why isn’t anyone in the media suggesting he stay home and knit?

Now the Former Guy has launched a webpage for his supporters to get around the bans & share his statements onto Twitter & Facebook. He refers to the webpage as a ‘beacon of freedom’ Who taught him to spell “beacon?”

So as GOP all genuflects in fear before the Former Guy, can we have a moment to remember W. actually won his 2nd Pesidential election.

Hey GOP anti-vaxxers, has anyone explained that “dying to own the libs” was supposed to be rhetorical?

Example of why we can’t completely write off politicians we disagree with on almost everything: Amy Klobuchar has gotten Louisiana’s John Kennedy to cosponsor her bill to make it easier for newspapers to negotiate w/ big tech. If you love newspapers, as I do, this matters.

Very confusing . So are all the microchipped vaccinated people now Bill and Melinda’s community property?

To those who criticize any Democrat praising Liz Cheney: You don’t have to intend to vote for someone to agree with them on one issue. And if we NEVER praise a Republican doing right thing, how do we get any bipartisanism going forward, ever? I’m so tired of 100% polarization.

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