Not just leaders of the pac – 12.

Wow. Congratulations to Arizona. Joining Stanford in an all #Pac12 final. With two women coaches. For some reason ESPN doesn’t seem thrilled about not having an East Coast team in the NCAA’s women’s basketball championship. #MarchMadness

Stanford women’s basketball team has spent 85 days in various hotels since December when Santa Clara County shut down sports. And none of them have complained. Weaker sex my a**.

After SF Giants relievers got seven outs yesterday while giving up eight walks, and hitting a batter on route to blowing a 6-1 against the Mariners, the bullpen today had a combined effort with 2 2/3 innings and zero runs.

A very good thing on Easter weekend, saved a lot of eggs being thrown at the television.

Meanwhile, Evan Longoria and Buster Posey are on pace for 162 home runs in 2021. Just saying.

Well, at least the Mets are going to be undefeated through opening weekend.

Okay, how many folks in NBA are laughing that GOP suddenly thinks MLB is the “woke” league.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says taking the MLB All-Star game from Atlanta is “cancel culture.” Uh, no. Actually, it’s a free market decision. And MLB’s decision is they would have lost more money keeping the game in Georgia than they will lose by moving it. Period.

MLB 2021 All-Star game plans to honor Hank Aaron: Hank Aaron would have wanted the game moved

Reminder, many of these GOP voter suppression bills are happening now because GOP voter suppression efforts, including crippling the USPS, didn’t work well enough in 2020.

Idle thought – How many of the GOP who are silent on Matt Gaetz are complicit because they saw and enjoyed his cellphone nude pictures?

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis today issued an executive order on Friday banning “vaccine passports.” New Florida motto “Come for the Sun, stay for the COVID?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claims a “vaccine passport” would create “‘two classes of citizens.” Actually, COVID-19 creates two classes of citizens – alive and dead.

So awful that another member of the Capitol Police lost his life in an attack today. I’m waiting for the apology from GOP members of Congress who said heightened security around the Capitol is unnecessary.

SD Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted complaining Biden’s infrastructure bill “gives $80 billion to Amtrak to build rail lines to every state EXCEPT Alaska, Hawaii, or SOUTH DAKOTA.” I think we should start GoFundMe for first reporter who asks Noem on camera about a rail line to Hawaii.

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2 Comments on “Not just leaders of the pac – 12.”

  1. ccashley2014 Says:

    You do know that Hawaii has an INTERSTATE highway?

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