Opening daze…

With so many MLB teams starting out with a greatly reduced number of fans in attendance, shouldn’t there somehow have been an Opening Day game in Olympic Stadium honoring the Montreal Expos?

Now at least three, probably four Nationals players have tested positive for COVID-19 picked up during Spring Training. Again, MLB players are tested without symptoms. How many other visitors, asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, have brought a viral souvenir home from Florida?

Marjorie Taylor Greene released CrossFit video saying that exercise “is my COVID protection.” Right, proof of this is that no professional athletes ever get the virus. Speaking of which, how’d that Nationals-Mets opening day game go.

Felt badly for Amy Klobuchar today because her beloved Twins blew a 3 run lead in bottom of 9th then lost in 10. Then SF Giants took 5 run lead to bottom of 8th & lost in 10… “It breaks your heart, it’s designed to break your heart.” A. Bartlett Giamatti.

I remember long ago Little League game where opposing coach cruelly, since it was kids, went to the mound after a bunch of walks & yelled “can anyone here throw strikes?” Tonight’s SF Giants game felt like that

(Giants hit 4 home runs, Mariners had only 5 hits. But between 9 walks, one hit by pitch, and an error, Seattle scored 8 runs. – almost all off relievers starting in 8th inning. )

At least the Dodgers and Yankees lost.

And yes, 2020 Comeback Player of the Year, Rockies’ Daniel Bard, who was out of baseball since 2013, did get Dodgers’ Mookie Betts to end game with bases loaded to save 8-5 win. Sometimes I love baseball. When I don’t hate baseball. See “SF Giants.”

Many in GOP claim their anti-trans efforts are just about protecting female student-athletes. But they didn’t say a word when Betsy Devos reworked Title IX to make it more difficult for victims of campus sexual assault.

Wow. Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have come out up front telling Texas not to roll back voting rights. Your move, United.

Even in San Francisco Bay Area. “Council Poll found the highest level of COVID-vaccine hesitancy among registered Republicans, w/ 31% wavering on whether to get shot. Just 7% of Democrats expressed any reluctance about the vaccine. Folks still dying to support the Former Guy.

As a woman, I find idea of Matt Gaetz showing nude pictures of women he slept w/ to his Congressional colleagues disgusting. Although it’s actually disgusting enough just to imagine a woman voluntarily sleeping with Matt Gaetz.

So are GOP members of Congress all going to profess as much ignorance about pictures of nude girls and women on Matt Gaetz’s phone as they professed about the Former Guy’s tweets?

CDC highest REPORTED B.1.17 COVID-19 variant case counts are in Florida. Michigan has the next highest number of B.1.1.7 cases. Wonder how many people in Michigan have vacationed or been snowbirds in Florida?

So Melania is trending because some in GOP are attacking Jill Biden for less than perfect Spanish, while saying Former Flotus is fluent in five languages. This is an April Fool’s Joke, right?

Your reminder, despite all the obstacles posed by the pandemic, nothing actually went wrong during 2020 election. Except that Democrats won the Senate and the Presidency. That’s what GOP wants to “fix.”

Washington Post runs a story with the headline story: Emergent plant that ruined Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses had prior FDA violations

Buried lede: Emergent, (a longstanding government contractor_, got one of the biggest Warp Speed deals, $628 million. The deal was made by HHS Dept which was led by Asst. Sec Robert Kadlec. As WashPost previously reported before joining Trump administration, Robert Kadlec was paid Emergent consultant & formed start-up company w/ Emergent’s chairman….

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  1. tc in bc Says:

    Deshaun Watson and Robert Kraft are now friends on FB

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