Bubble bubble?

The NIT men’s basketball tournament is downsizing in 2021 from 32 to 16 teams. Okay, which school will be the first ever to complain about being on the wrong side of the bubble?

Ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville didn’t know 3 branches of government, or that inauguration day must be Jan 20 because of 20th Amendment to Constitution. Today he gave his maiden speech in Senate & talked about need for better education. Funeral services for irony are pending.

The University of Alabama is planning full capacity for home football games in 2021 – their stadium capacity is 100,077. Also Alabama per NY Times “has among lowest state vaccination rates in the country, with 13% of people receiving one shot.” What could possibly go wrong?

Georgia’s new HB531, a voter suppression bill, would prohibit giving food/drink to voters waiting in line. So the “pro-life’ party is okay with people passing out from hunger or thirst? Got it.

33 Republicans voted against Miguel Cardona as Biden’s education secretary. Were they somehow worried he wouldn’t do enough to protect children from grizzly bears?

If your plan to “Make America Great Again” means keeping most Americans from voting, then your idea of “We the people” hasn’t really evolved from “We the white male landowners.”

CNN online headline “Smartphone addiction ruins sleep, study says, but you can fight back.” Posted “12:17 AM ET, Tue March 2, 2021” Uh, fight back by not reading CNN at 12:17am?

CNN showing pictures of UPS truck full of Johnson and Johnson vaccine arriving at Louisville Airport for shipment. Feels kind of like Christmas.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to jail for corruption. Well, America inspired France for a revolution. Maybe they can inspire us for what to do with a former President.

Mike Pompeo says it’s a “badge of honor” that New York Times called him “worst Secretary of State in history.” Got news for him. When NY Times, who would both sides a mobius strip, calls you worst “Secretary of State in history,” you ARE the worst Secretary of State in History.”

Could someone put a microphone in front of Josh Hawley and ask if there is a single Democrat or Independent he would vote to confirm if Joe Biden nominated her or him for anything?

Josh Hawley defended opposition to every single Biden Cabinet nominee: ‘I take them one at a time’ Which is exactly how some alcoholics describe each single drink.

If Democrats introduced a resolution praising kitten videos, Cruz and Hawley would vote against it.

Fox News: “Third woman accuses Cuomo of unwanted sexual advances as scandal grows.” Also Fox News for last 4+ years “All 26 women who have accused Donald of sexual assault are lying.”

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