Missing madness.

It’s now March 1.

A year ago today the March Madness we were all expected was going to involve college basketball.

Now in the NBA it’s the Toronto Raptors with several players in COVID-19 protocols. And the Houston Rockets, who played them Sunday at risk. But sure, let’s play a meaningless NBA All-Star game next weekend.

For Sunday’s final round of WGC-Workday Championship, several players showed up wearing red shirt & black pants in honor of Tiger Woods. To really honor Tiger they should talk about wearing seatbelts – a seatbelt saved his life. And also wearing masks -they save lives too.

U.S. border agents seized 277 pounds of banned bologna at the Mexican border last week. Can we say they acted as a spam filter?

SD Governor Kristi Noem “I don’t know if you agree but, Fauci is wrong a lot!’ 1,886 South Dakotans would disagree if they were still alive to do so. Also as of last week South Dakota ranked second in the US for cases per capita with 12,609 per 100,000.

Am I the only one who feels somehow comforted to watch even Senators at hearings and award winners on the Golden Globes make mistakes using Zoom?

Great line from Amy Poehler at Golden Globes – basically that we spend now five hours binge watching a TV show, but we complain if a movie lasts more than two hours.

On Golden Globes night, aren’t we all glad that Presidential Apprentice was canceled after its first season?

If you didn’t already love Sasha Baron Cohen, his callout of Rudy Giuliani tonight in accepting the Golden Globe for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is well worth finding on Youtube or wherever.

Ted Cruz abandoning his state while Texans were dying and then making Cancun jokes is as if Ted Kennedy joked about offering to drive people home..

Marco Rubio dropped out of CPAC and canceled his speech at the last minute, citing an “unexpected family issue.” Did someone in his family threaten not to speak to him again if he took part?

You know how bad the #FormerGuy‘s speech must have been when Fox News is leading with allegations against Governor Cuomo.

Whatever happens now, at least we don’t to hear all those people whining anymore that Andrew Cuomo should have run for President.

The real reason GOP is against the American Rescue plan: It’s popular and will make Democrats look good.

Democrats are trying to pass a COVID relief bill that 76% of Americans support. Republicans are trying to make sure the other 24% are the only Americans that can vote.

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