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Not that desperate

January 31, 2021

No, I didn’t watch the Senior Bowl.

But in 2021 I think I am not gonna be that baseball snob next month who says “I don’t watch spring training games”

John Krasinski on SNL tonight talked about his kids wishing he were on Paw Patrol instead. And can we have a moment to remember, or for those who didn’t know, that John McCain first went on SNL to impress his then teenage daughter Meghan?

My late mother didn’t like “swear words,” nor my snarky attitude. But Mom was a Democrat. And in from her late 60s until dementia symptoms appeared in her 70s she worked proudly at in the bakery at Publix. Where she drove me crazy excusing the fact they routinely scheduled her JUST below minimum weekly hours needed to get benefits.But now that it comes out Publix heiress funded the January 6 coup attempt? Thinking even Mom would join me now in rousing chorus of “F*ck Publix!

Apparently Biden administration can’t find 8,700 ventilators that previous White House reportedly “donated” to other nations. Maybe because some recipients paid cash?

Anti-vaxxers temporarily shut down Dodger Stadium vaccine site today…. Proving again, that the right doesn’t have a monopoly on crazy.

If you’re going to be an an anti-science anti-Vaxxer can you at least sign something that says if you get sick you don’t want to be admitted to the hospital?

As Biden administration works to reunite separated children with their families, have to wonder, how many of the younger children have been adopted? Have been getting “Tennessee Children’s Home Society” vibes on this one from the get-go.

As GOP dismisses insurrection incitement by a sitting POTUS, I’m so old I remember when Republicans wanted to disqualify Obama from being President simply because Barack had formerly attended a church with a preacher who had made incendiary statements

“How many deaths will it take ’til he knows That too many people have died?” Seems to be a question GOP couldn’t answer in the 60s – or now, with both COVID and the Capitol coup attempt.

Even Charles Manson ended up having an easier time finding lawyers than Velveeta Voldemort.