Not close and no cigar.

Boycotting watching college football this season (don’t think they should be playing), but do check scores. Who’d a thunk Notre Dame, outclassed as usual in CFP, would still lose by less to Alabama than Clemson did to Ohio State?

Not an Ohio State fan, at all, But with Dabo Swinney having ranked them 11th with his vote in the Coaches Amway poll, where does that put Clemson, after the Buckeyes beat the Tigers 49-28? 13th or 14th?

Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Notre Dame getting blown out in the College Football Playoffs.

San Antonio Spurs tonight have all kinds of cool colored shoes to match their new retro Fiesta jerseys that feature a multicolored stripe – teal, pink and orange… Not sure how I feel about the jerseys, but the shoes are awesome.

Hey, No Fun League… take note.

Can we bleeping STOP with the idea that Trump wanted or wants $2,000 COVID relief checks. If Donald did he would have ordered Mnuchin to negotiate for them. The only thing Velveeta Voldemort wanted was to blow up the compromise bill and put attention back on himself.

So some in media complaining today that Biden’s Treasury Secretary pick Janet Yellen made $7.2 million in speaking fees over past two years.

Uh, almost all US former politicians and leaders end up commanding big money on the speaker circuit. Even former Presidents and VPs. Wonder why it’s only people like Hillary Clinton and Janet Yellen that get slammed for it?

Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed a bill from the GOP legislature requiring women to choose burial or cremation of aborted fetal tissue.

Okay then…being a woman I can’t quite relate, but I want to know where men and teenage boys should bury or burn the sheets after some of those dreams I hear about.

Wonder who drew the short straw and got to explain the concept of overturning a veto to Donald Trump?

On Friday, one of Donald’s tweet targets was Senate Whip John Thune…( I really don’t care, do u? )

But note, Thune is only 59. GOP at least seems to have figured out all their leadership doesn’t need to be over 70.

It’s not just that Velveeta Voldemort has Twitter typos. It’s that he’s too arrogant even to be corrected by spellcheck.

Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit argued VP has the power to pick the next president. If that were true don’t you think Joe Biden would have picked Hillary Clinton?

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