Happy no longer old year.

Not watching college football in 2020-21 season, because I while I think NFL players are both old enough and well paid enough to make those decisions for themselves, college athletes are both not paid (officially anyway) and too young /immature to make potentially life risking decisions re covid:.

But doesn’t mean I can’t write jokes about New Year’s Day CFP games. Stay tuned.

(It’s easier if you really don’t like any of the teams playing.)

And following the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft Worth, Mississippi State and Tulsa players got into an actual physical brawl. Only one injury. So far. At least the contact tracing should be easy.

I’m so old that I remember when Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s death in that helicopter crash was the worst thing about 2020.

One advantage to virtual New Year’s Eve. Never a line for the bathroom.

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” Bette Davis – who died in 1989,

But this could have been a quote of the year in 2020.

NY Times reporting that distribution is going so badly several million COVID-19 vaccine doses could well expire before they can be put to use. Sadly, why should we expect ANYTHING Trump administration does be done competently?

Just guessing this New Year we won’t be blindly writing 2020 by mistake on our checks.

CNN reports as many as 140 GOP members of the House may vote against certifying electoral college results. So if the November election was invalid, when are they all resigning?

For those of us wondering what political campaigns to work on next, any Democrat running against one of 140 House members who reportedly support Velveeta Voldemort’s electoral college steal, would be a good start.

WTF? Reports that in Lexington, KY, “suspicious” RV sighting, which turned out not to contain a bomb, caused police to evacuate bars downtown. So what exactly were people DOING in bars downtown? Seriously folks, let’s try to make survival a goal in 2021.

New Year’s Eve is a strange time to be a night owl. Almost everyone is up until midnight. And almost everyone is asleep by 12:30am.

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