With all the craziness and uncertainty in 2020, it is really good to know there are some constants – like the NY Jets will ALWAYS find a way to lose.

When you check out ESPN college football headlines and all but one (about an injury) concerns COVID-19….

Newly hired Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa apparently was arrested for DUI back in February one night at 1140p after he rammed his car into a curb.

I have one question, in an Uber/Lyft age, what is any 76 year old man with as much money as Tony La Russa doing driving himself anywhere?

Ted Cruz using the word “coronate” about Joe Biden is rich, considering that Ted’s slavish devotion to a man who’s attacked both his father and wife is reminiscent of a suppliant kneeling before a king.

So now it’s Ben Carson, the first to test positive from White House INDOOR election night party, aka Super Spreader rally 2.0….. Dr. Carson puts a whole new spin on “it’s not brain surgery

Ivana Trump gave an interview saying of her ex-husband Donald. ” He’s not a good loser. He doesn’t like to lose.” Did she also add that water is wet?

Trump on Monday, by tweet, fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was widely reported to have his resignation letter written. Meanwhile would like to remind Donald that last Tuesday American voters fired HIM.

So what day and time this week will Trump fire Christopher Wray?

Reports that Trump is considering a 2024 Presidential run. Some media indicate that means Donald knows he’s lost. Uh, anyone but me figured even if he had WON he’d try to find a way to run in 2024?

Wouldn’t you think if Democrats had been evil and capable enough to cheat to win this election, we’d have done it in a few more states and with some Senate races?

As much of USA rags on Nevada & Arizona and Georgia for not counting fast enough…. California says “Hi.” “There were still roughly 3.5 million ballots of the estimated 17 million ballots cast left to count with the last update issued Saturday morning.” #CountEveryVote

If we’re going to overturn and throw out election race results every time a state is close, then while we sort 2020 out seems like we should retroactively install President Hillary Clinton.

Reminder: They recounted Wisconsin after 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost by about 20,000 votes. She gained 2 HUNDRED votes.

Recounts tend to clean up small errors, they don’t tend to seriously change elections.

Whoever bought is petty, childish, and brilliant. Just saying.

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