Who dat’s your daddy?

Pollsters have been taking a lot of heat for election predictions.

Oddsmakers who had Buccaneers as 5.5 point favorite against Saints tonight. “Hold our beer.”

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Have heard NFL players often watch other games for relaxation as well as scouting. Just guessing the 49ers didn’t enjoy watching tonight’s Bucs Saints game much.

Still so much election drama. Would like to thank New Orleans Saints for the first night in a long time where I could use a hashtag (#Saints) and scroll through Twitter with a big smile on my face.

Does ANYONE think Antonio Brown, on NFL probation & with an upcoming December civil case alleging that he committed sexual assault & rape, would be getting his umpteenth chance if he weren’t incredibly talented?

(And two chances just because Tom Brady wanted a top receiver.)

ESPN college football headline about “the CFP’s thrilling race for No. 4.” Sadly, not sure I’d bet against COVID-19.

What is “Damn 2020, you couldn’t let us have 24 good hours?” RIP Alex Trebek.

So how many of these Republican sycophants still supporting the madness of Would Be King Donald will scream bloody murder when President Joe Biden issues a few executive orders.

Meanwhile, now that the internal fighting has already begun… one thing some of my fellow Democrats need to get – what works in some districts doesn’t work in all. As Calif. voter I remember friends trashing Mary Landrieus too conservative when she was Senator from Louisiana. When by Southern standards she was seriously liberal.

A Republican president has called Joe Biden to congratulate him. Unfortunately it isn’t the current one. But at least George W. Bush did the right thing.

Joe Biden is going to introduce his COVID-19 task force tomorrow. Donald Trump is going to rant and rave, lying that the election results are false, and COVID-19 doesn’t exist. And we’re going to top 10 million COVID-19 cases in US before many of us wake up on West Coast.

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