The way we were.

As a New Orleans Saints fan I’m really looking forward to returning to times when we can just ignore politics and enjoy simple things like the Atlanta Falcons being 0-4.

All postseason MLB Games will be played at a hotel of four stadiums: The AL will be playing all their games at Dodgers Stadium and Petco Park.

On day one, 27 runs in two games between As-Astros and Yankees-Rays. And all four teams have to be thinking “Wait, aren’t these supposed to be pitchers’ parks.

Trevor Noah tonight talking about all the COVID-19 cases after Donald’s Rose Garden party and later receptions for Amy Coney Barrett – “That’s not karma, that’s consequences.” Can’t it be both?

But if Karma were a big cat lying in wait for this administration, she probably couldn’t pick a better time to pounce than during an event where they were dancing on the not-yet-dug grave of one of the most beloved women in America.

Remember back when Amy Klobuchar’s husband had COVID-19? He left hospital after five days, but she & her daughter still couldn’t be with him in person for over a week because he was potentially contagious. But Trump has no problem risking health of countless people at the White House.

At least with Donald Trump leaving Walter Reed presume his loud cult members will disperse from in front of the hospital and the real heroes being treated there can get some sleep.

So when White House staffers including housekeeping and kitchen workers get too sick to come to work, will Trump call them “suckers” and “losers?”

Millions of Americans have voted by mail every election for decades & GOP now saying vote by mail is illegitimate way to elect someone.

Only 150 Senate hearings have been done partially remotely during pandemic & GOP now remote hearings are as legitimate way to fill lifetime SCOTUS appointment?

So one of two things is true. Either Trump had COVID much of last week & risked the health of Joe Biden & others during debate, or he was first positive on Thursday when Donald admitted getting tested in which case he will be contagious during NEXT week’s debate? Which is it?

This White House is turning into a COVID remake of Agatha’s Christie’s “And then there were none.”

So Donald Trump didn’t risk infecting enough people the first time, he RETURNED to White House balcony, unmasked, to reshoot his photo-op entrance. Like a Bridezilla demanding to redo her wedding pictures.

Was Donald Trump looking to recreate Eva Peron’s famous balcony scene tonight? And if so has anyone told him that Evita died not long after it?

Joe Biden, who doesn’t have COVID-19, wears mask to protect people around him. Donald Trump, who has COVID-19 & is still contagious, demands to return to White House to infect people around him. “Siri, what’s the difference between a leader and a despot?”

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