Low blows.

You think you’re not performing at your best these days? Four weeks into the season, the Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas & NY Giants NFL teams have a combined THREE wins between the four of them.

Again, such a small point in the grand scheme of things…but since truth does still matter, why is NBC continually showing pretty pictures of San Francisco…. when the 49ers play 45 miles south in Santa Clara?

Yikes. Now Claudia Conway has COVID-19. So guessing Kellyanne was as careful and considerate with her own family as the Trump White House has been with our country.

Some pundits are wondering if Donald Trump’s getting COVID-19 will get him to take the virus seriously.

You know who didn’t need to get sick to take the virus seriously? Joe Biden.

A recent ABC News-Ipsos poll found 72% say Trump has not taken the risk of contracting COVID-19 seriously enough. Which means 28% STILL think Donald has done everything right?

Btw, besides his video and insane photo op, Donald did find time to tweet a favorable poll from the Express. The Express is a right-wing United Kingdom tabloid famous for years for publishing Princess Diana murder conspiracy theories.

Washington Post reports that Trump “probably cannot see (his MAGA supporters) from his window, given the trees, but perhaps he hears them. They are very loud.” And how about the wounded soldiers and veterans recovering at Walter Reed who just want to sleep?

If Mitch McConnell were already MINORITY leader, not only would we not have this dangerous rush to ram through RBG’s replacement but also Senate would have passed COVID-19 relief package for those who desperately need it. Along with hundreds of other bills.

So how many agents are now at risk and/or may have to quarantine? Anyone who joins the Secret Service knows you might have to take a bullet to protect the President. But the job title shouldn’t include needing to protect yourself FROM the President.

Thousands of people couldn’t get as close to their loved ones dying in hospitals as Donald Trump got today to supporters he doesn’t even know.

So much attention to Donalds little joy ride today. But when is someone in media going to point out that the guy in the slow-moving Black Chevy Suburban is already responsible for a lot more deaths than the guy in the White Bronco.

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