First Saturday in something.

One of Bob Baffert’s horses, Authentic, wins the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in September, after Bob’s horse, Thousand Words rears and falls in the paddock, breaking the hand of Baffert’s top assistant trainer just before the race.

2020, you’ve really had too many Mint Juleps.

Sorry to see Tiz the Law falter. Well, at least we don’t have to argue about a Triple Crown with an asterisk.

Ray Daniels, along with Greg Harbut, is a rare Black owner of a Kentucky Derby race horse, Necker Island. Daniels says he supports BLM and justice for Breonna Taylor but adds “A wise man told me this morning “We cannot pick protest vs. progress, we want both”

Looked at MLB schedule for Sunday, Sept 6, and yes there are actually tickets available. For one game only. The St. Louis Cardinals vs. The Chicago Cubs… on Stubhub starting at $255. The rooftops across the seat from Wrigley. ..

Of course, if it’s BYOB will the total cost come out that much more than the average tab for Bleacher Bum beers?

So after so many first round NBA playoff games that came down to the last minute or even half second, are we done with close games?

As Fox News headlines are, again, about protests in Portland, almost have to feel they were disappointed that Breonna Taylor and BLM protests in Louisville didn’t result in violence on Kentucky Derby day.

As Trump continues to attack Nancy Pelosi over her blowdry, wonder what his excuse from March 24 until June 22, since until then in DC tanning parlors were ALL ordered to be closed.

If someone has videos of Melania, Ivanka, Kayleigh and/or, Kimberly etc getting their hair done during COVID-19 quarantine this might be a fun time to release them.

As Trump insists we should believe him over what appears to be a well-source Atlantic article by a respected journalist, your reminder, in July, Donald told Fox News he would be signing a “full and complete health care plan” within two weeks.

Yep, I would crawl through broken glass to elect Biden at this point. Although of all the things he has done over the years, the Clarence Thomas hearings are s the hardest for me to forgive. But if Anita Hill can endorse Joe….. well, she just went up even higher in my estimation.

In DC for Obama’s 1st inaugural remember a terrified moment amidst joy – many expected Barack to be perfect & solve all USA problems. No one believes Biden will be perfect & solve all USA problems. But Joe believes in science & will have a great team. Good enough for me.

As this “Faux-Bama” story trends, I have to admit, first time I believed Moscow pee-tape might be real was when I heard it wasn’t prostitutes urinating on Trump, but rather on a bed the Obamas had slept in.

Politics aside would anyone hire a CEO who had so many former employees write devastating books about him, and his only response was “they’re all liars?”

Osama Bin Laden’s niece has endorsed Donald Trump. I’m gonna need a bigger batsh*t 2020 bingo card.

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