Down and almost out.

Random sports thought, in a 60 game MLB season starting at the end of July, with eight of the fifteen teams in each league making the postseason, who figured six AL teams would basically be eliminated by Labor Day?

Trump going to give Lou Holtz, who attended his press conference today, the “Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Might be a good time to remind folks that based on his actions/inactions while head coach at Minnesota, Notre Dame & South Carolina, NCAA put all three of those Holtz teams on probation.

So much fear and uncertainty in the world now. But next year at this time we can look forward to a President NOT tweeting and just spending a nice quiet Friday evening with his family.

The GOP hasn’t condemned Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene for her picture holding an AR-15 next to pictures of “the squad.” Well, not like Republicans think Marjorie did anything really terrible like get her hair blow-dried.

Not so sleepy Joe. Biden when asked about Qanon: “I’ve been a big supporter of mental health. I recommend the people who believe it maybe should take advantage of it while it still exists in the Affordable Care Act.”

Joe Biden called Trump’s behavior towards Putin “almost obsequious.” When someone tells Donald what “obsequious” means he’s going to be upset.

“How many times does this President have to say things before you say he’s a fraud?” Very good question from Joe Biden to the media. “How many times” indeed?

Beginning to think that a man who got away with all kinds of disgusting and awful comments about women is about to discover he won’t do the same with the same sort of comments about the military.

Wait, Trump says he called Melania about the canceled cemetery visit….even though she was with him on the France trip. Once again, that question – evil or dementia?

Trump up well past midnight on the East Coast rage tweeting. If only Donald were as focused on his intelligence briefings as he is on every single perceived insult.

Upset about Jennifer Griffin story corroborating the Atlantic story Trump just tweeted “@FoxNews is gone.” So if Donald’s now going to marry OANN, how long until he finds another network to cheat with?

As Rachel Maddow reports – Trump says he “does get along with Vladimir Putin.” You know who Donald doesn’t now get along with? Michael Cohen, Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, James Mattis, and a whole lot of people he once hired.

Asked about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, from Trump -“We haven’t had any proof…. It’s interesting that everyone’s always mentioning Russia. The things that China is doing are far worse.” Putin must be so proud.

As we reached the “poor me” part of the Press Conference. “It’s a disgrace….. disgruntled so-called former employees.” And Trump launches into an attack on John Kelly. Translation, now we KNOW John Kelly would corroborate the Atlantic story.

Senator Joni Ernst, conspiracy theorist “These health-care providers & others are reimbursed at a higher rate if COVID is tied to it, so what do you think they’re doing…” Hey Iowans, if you already weren’t doing so vote Theresa Greenfield as if your lives depended on it. Because they do.

TripIt says state receiving largest number (12%) of all Labor Day flight reservations within the US in in Florida. Florida is also 3rd in reported COVID-19 cases and 5th in reported deaths. AND Gov Ron DeSantis is a science denying anti-mask Trump acolyte. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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