Was hoping it wouldn’t end this way…. but as we stagger into May, the streak remains, it has been since 1997 since an April without  the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs.


Does this matter in the grand scheme of things? No. But I can’t remember, going back to being a child a long time ago, when the first Saturday NIGHT in May after Kentucky Derby  didn’t bring that at least brief dreamy anticipation of having a potential Triple Crown winner.


And NBC redid the 2015 Kentucky Derby today, and did a computer-simulated Derby between 13 Triple Crown winners. Okay, we’re all so starved for sports that the computer generated races was fun. But as we all knew, there was no way any horse would have beaten Secretariat.

(yeah, there was the 1973 Wood Memorial.  Many theories on that. But  Secretariat didn’t let it happen again.)


Yes, many of us Democratic women believe Joe now. But what gets me is how many Republican women who believe over TWENTY-FIVE women who accused Donald Trump were all lying now claim to believe Tara Reade.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, #2 official at CDC, told AP the US government was too slow to respond to coronavirus pandemic & stop travel from Europe. So what Friday night will Trump fire Dr. Schuchat?

Today from Camp David, Trump  showed more real empathy today for Kim Jong Un than he has done for the 65,000 plus Americans who have died. There is no punchline. There is no bottom.

While millions of elderly Americans are confined and at risk in crowded nursing homes, taxpayers this weekend are paying for very expensive isolated assisted-living for a ranting old man at Camp David.


Donald Trump has been defending ReOpen protesters as “good people.” Wonder what he’ll say if people show up to protest his Lincoln Memorial virtual town hall tomorrow?

All this talk about “excitement” on Democratic ticket: Here’s what I would really find exciting right now – idea of enjoying a Saturday night, not checking news & waking up Sunday morning without first thought being “WTF did POTUS and/or VP do now?”

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