Starting up?

The NBA is talking about delaying start of 2020-2021 season until December.

“Wait, and eliminate all those gripping first 20-30 games of the regular season?” said almost no one.

Mitch McConnell –  ” I think the country needs sports. We’ve all missed that during the pandemic.”

While I actually agree with Mitch this one and perhaps only  time, I wish I didn’t have the feeling he wants sports to distract from the judicial appointments he wants to ram through before November.


I know SNL AT Home isn’t live this week, but oh please oh please would Kate McKinnon just consider doing a two minute virtual skit playing new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany?

As reports indicate black people are getting sick and dying at a much higher rate from COVID-19, anyone else notice that just about ALL the “ReOpen” protesters are white?


Don’t think they’ll wear bracelets. But in a week or so, can Southern California healthcare workers look for bathing suit tan lines and send all those Huntington Beach protesters home to cure themselves with sunlight?

Gallup, NM, has 1,027 cases of COVID-19 in a town of about 22,000 people. But wait, wait, Trump likes to act like coronavirus isn’t a rural problem, maybe he could stop in Gallup and show support next week on his way to Arizona?

Late Friday, Trump chose replacement for HHS IG who reported PPE shortages/coronavirus testing delays. Nominee Jason Weida represented feds in 2017 to allow employers “w/ religious/moral objection to block employees from getting health care for contraception.” This will go well.


Actually, we don’t need to know anything about Trump’s new nominee for HHS inspector general except this: A POTUS obsessed with “Bachelor Finale/MNF ratings” wouldn’t announce ANYTHING late Friday night he is proud of. Period.

Trump is heading to Camp David this weekend. If he wanted to model “re-open America” behavior why doesn’t Donald head to Michigan to support and shake hands with some of those “very good people?”

So still waiting for Donald Trump to explain to Americans why his visit this weekend to Camp David was “essential travel.”

Random thought, upwards of 20 women have accused Trump of sexual assault. Surely at least one of them is willing to talk to a media that seems in desperate need of making such allegations part of the 2020 Presidential campaign?

Of course we don’t know, but if I had to bet on another credible woman accuser coming forward I’d bet on a 26th for Trump rather than a second for Biden.


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