Not so wide world of Sports?


As a child in the pre-ESPN days, remembered ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” ” “the human drama of athletic competion” where they could get pretty desperate in various offseasons  -cliff diving competitions anyone?

Have to wonder, did the 2nd and 3rd rounds of NFL virtual  draft tonight get the highest ratings ever?



Could’ve been much worse with our Tide Pod President‘s suggestion to ingest disinfectants:  Imagine if like Clorox and Lysol weren’t already almost as hard to get as hand sanitizer due to Coronavirus.

Mitch McConnell’s wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao now claims social distancing is possible on airplanes Anyone want to take a pool on the last time Chao, or Mitch, flew coach?

Tonight Rachel Maddow reported “82% of Republicans align with the view that social distancing and stay-at-home orders are responsible life-saving measures.” So maybe “Live free or die” sounds better as a hypothetical?


Since Trump is so desperate for a “win” how long until he throws someone under the bus for firing #CaptainCrozier and takes personal credit for reinstating the Theodore Roosevelt captain?

Right about now Joe Biden could make someone drink Clorox in the middle of 5th Avenue and I’d still vote for him.


West Point Cadets know they might have to risk their lives for their country. Now, because Trump wants to make a speech, they have to return to campus for graduation and risk their lives for a photo-op.

Trump “We’re opening our country. It’s very exciting to see. We have a lot of talent involved. From governors to people who just stand there and help you with the doors.” What did you do in the war, daddy/mommy? “I opened doors.”

Okay, I know these are crazy times but Joe Biden and many of women on his VP list have seriously had to tweet today not to drink or ingest disinfectant!!? Did not see this one coming.

So will people who die from ingesting disinfectants be counted in COVID-19 death counts? Asking for a sometimes very stupid country.

Yeah, schadenfreude and justice and all that. But in the interest of healing, who would make this deal? Trump resigns, takes Pence with him. President Pelosi pardons him, appoints VP Joe Biden, and then, after Joe gets his team together, lets Biden take over.

  1. Many complain Joe Biden isn’t exciting.
  2.  Current occupant of the Oval Office just suggested Americans ingest Clorox.
  3. Excitement is overrated
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