Into the light

Tom Brady mistakenly walked into wrong home in Tampa, apparently when trying to meet with Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich for the first time, and ended up at Leftwich’s next door neighbor’s unlocked door.

Ha, ha, funny, right? Of course if Tom were black there’s a decent chance he’d be dead now.

Do miss the times when tonight the biggest things most Americans would have been worked up about would have been the player they wish their NFL drafted.

So if anyone dies from going bowling in Georgia and getting COVID-19 can the bowling alley at least figure out what shoes they rented and retire them?

As a woman who went to high school in Florida in the 1970s, I must say, until today I would look back and think that using tin foil and baby oil for a tan was the stupidest thing imaginable regarding sunlight and liquids.


We all knew now that Trump’s romance with hydroxychloroquine was over that Donald would find a new object of his affection. But did not see Lysol coming.

Okay, maybe it’s just me but while it’s hard to imagine suggesting getting a socially distanced tattoo, Brian Kemp might have been one-upped by Trump suggesting Americans ingest disinfectant.


As insane as injecting disinfectant sounds, nobody’s talking today about vaccine expert Dr Rick Bright, dismissed this week as the director of BARDA, who says he was ousted for questioning the potential of hydroxychloroquine. Coincidence?

Technically speaking Trump was right. Drinking Lysol or Clorox WILL keep you from dying from coronavirus – because they will kill you first.

So will Trump tomorrow use sunlight as a excuse to declare all his golf courses essential and reopen them?

Deborah and Dr. Fauci.” No, POTUS isn’t a misogynistic pig, why do you ask?

Today Donald also referred to “a sleepy guy in a basement in a house.” That’s #PresidentBiden to you, Donald Trump.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity says Americans ‘dying to get back to work.

Fixed it for Hannity – Americans will be “dying FROM getting back to work.”

Apparently in studies, hydroxchloroquine not only didn’t work against COVID-19, it may have caused heart damage. So is this why Trump was promoting it…. he doesn’t have a heart to damage?

So why isn’t Trump bragging about having a Labradoodle breeder heading HHS Coronavirus task force? Especially as right now the death rate from COVID-19 is very low for Labradoodles.

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