Sporting chance.

UC Berkeley announced admissions today. As a Stanford grad, how badly do I wish for old days when most pressing thing that might get us Cardinal fans on social media tonight was to tell future Golden Bears “Congrats, now prepare to lose “Big Game” for next four years.”


So how many times a day do you think someone has to tell Trump  “Sorry sir, you can’t go golfing this weekend?”

Lady Gaga headlining major musical fundraiser for WHO on Saturday evening today expressed support for WHO General Director “Dr Tedros, you’re a superstar.” Trump tweet calling Lady Gaga overrated in 3.2.1..

Sen. Angus King after conference call on COVID-19 testing failures with Pence:“I have never been so mad about a phone call in my life.” For those who aren’t political junkies, the mild-mannered King being mad is as likely as Bernie Sanders modeling for GQ magazine.


Looking at some of today’s protests pretty clear the correct motto should be “Live Free AND Die.”

So are our “what we did during Stay At Home Stories” going to be our “what did you do in the war, grandma” stories?



I only started watching her regularly last month. But ass awful as this pandemic is, we can all hope that when we end up in nursing homes that there is someone who advocates for us as much as Rachel Maddow?

So when deaths start spiking in three weeks with beaches and businesses now opening in red states, who will Trump blame?

And, do Trump and his red state Governor buddies think this COVID-19 will just “fly over” rural Midwest states?

During today’s vanity rally Trump said “I’m going to leave and I’m going to be right back.” What was the emergency? Depends?

Trump has announced a plan for nationalwide testing. Which he’ll roll out as soon as he releases his tax returns.


The state of Illinois received a secret shipment of PPE from China yesterday. They kept it secret so the Trump administration wouldn’t steal it. No, this is not a bad remake of “24.”

As Trump spends his Friday night rage retweeting far-right activist Charlie Kirk, your reminder that Barack Obama was attacked for having weekend date nights with his wife.

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