Plenty of space

So if Trump wants to open up college football with fans kept well apart and socially distanced, as a Stanford football fan can I nominate Stanford’s home opener Sept 5.  A Saturday game over two weeks before  students return, at a TBA time which could be decided up to six days before, and against the Cardinal’s well-known rival William and Mary?

Heck, before this Coronavirus pandemic Stanford could have looked forward to at least a thousand fans showing up.

Although as Donald talks about college football games and opening the country up state by state,  just for example, does Trump think fans never cross state lines for college football games?

For those who miss baseball.  Just a bit outside…

Nancy Pelosi has started doing briefings and interviews from her kitchen. Anyone think Trump has ever been in a kitchen?

Meanwhile Laura Kelly saying on CNN Kansas has had a very hard time getting tests. But what does she know… Kelly is only the state’s Governor.

Just for example, in central Florida, where I went to high school, Orlando Sentinel just reported “among eight counties, there have been 2,792 confirmed cases w/ fewer than 1% of population tested.” Well not like the area has any places where big crowds gather, like theme parks.

Trump says some of his friends are dead. Shocking. Trump thinks he has friends?

Joe Biden just said he may announce some of his Cabinet-level choices before the election. Thinking again one way to get media attention would be a short reality show each week where he unveils another pick—“I’ll tell you…after the break.”

Anyone else feeling that Dr. Birx is really ruining the idea of wearing scarfs when we go out in public again?

Trump bragging about 3.5 million tests. Uh, US population is 328 million.

Trump says “it’s going to be a “beautiful puzzle.” You know what else was beautiful? – the AIDS quilt.

CNN reports Trump plan says gyms can reopen in Phase 1, but not bars. Because no one ever gets sweaty and touches surfaces or breathes heavily in gyms?

But maybe Donald put gyms on his Phase I reopening list because he knows he’ll never be in one?

17 Governors have announced they will work with others in their region on when & how to re-open their states. Meanwhile Trump says he will announce his nationwide plan to start May 1. Donald’s like the guy screaming on a Zoom call who doesn’t realize everyone else has muted him.

As Rachel Maddow reports with justifiable rage about Trump administration ignoring deaths in our nursing homes and assisted living facilities, I’m reminded that I’m so old that I remember when Democrats were accused of wanting “death panels.”


So if Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine Remdesivir turns out to be effective against Coronavirus how long until Trump says he knew it first and accuses Democrats of pushing hydroxychloroquine?

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3 Comments on “Plenty of space”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    So Trump says he is tired of watching 14-year old sporting events. Well, he can always watch WFL repeats …. oh wait,never mind

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Janice: what’s wrong with me? I meant USFL (and btw: if you want a good book to combat the boredom, check out Football For A Buck)


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