Staggering towards the weekend

A slow sports week with the two-week break between NFC-AFC Championships and the Super Bowl.  But Tiger Woods shot an opening round 69 at Torrey Pines. And ESPN is going “Thank you, God.”

Jimmy Garoppolo attempted 8 passes in SF 49ers NFC Championship win.   Somewhere Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes are smiling.


You think you’re having a bad day at work. How’d you like to be director of marketing for Corona beer? #CoronaVirus

Michelle Carter, convicted of convincing her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself,  is freed from jail . And guess what guys, she’s single.


Because the impeachment trial isn’t that big a deal, and Trump spending half a million each weekend golfing is old news, Fox News posts a headline about a story that Justin Trudeau is out of touch because he bought expensive doughnuts.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Greta Thunberg can give economic advice once she gets a college degree. Wonder if he posted that statement on Facebook with his iPhone or using Windows on his laptop. #Zuckerberg #Jobs #Gates


Oooh, Adam Schiff is going there with an ego attack… intimating that Trump’s defense includes the idea that the stable genius was “being led by the nose” by Rudy Guiliani. Don’t spread this story around, it will really annoy Trump.


So since today’s GOP are all such science deniers why doesn’t Trump lead a Congressional delegation to Wuhan, China? #OwnTheLibs #FakeVirus #sarcasm

About a third of GOP senators reportedly didn’t show up for hearings today. Wonder how that would work for most of us when we get called for jury duty?

What I want to hear a GOP senator asked on the record. “If you tell Donald Trump what he’s done so far is no big deal, what do you really expect if he gets a second term?”

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2 Comments on “Staggering towards the weekend”

  1. Anthony cicco Says:

    great summary of the weeks events, and yes we are in a two week sports desert.

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