New Kid in Town

Zion Williamson made his regular season NBA debut tonight, and while on a minutes restriction, still had 3 minutes and 8 seconds in 4th quarter where he scored 17 straight points and briefly gave the Pelicans, who had been down 12, the lead.

San Antonio did come back and win after Zion headed to the bench. Although even without a rookie phenom, as a Spurs fan in 2019-2020 would be nice to see San Antonio take a lead into the 4th quarter without a feeling of impending doom.


Eli Manning just announced his retirement. Will he follow his brother Peyton into commercials by becoming the new Captain Obvious?

Trump today minimized the severity of newly reported military concussions and other head injuries from the Iran attacks. How long until he attacks the NFL for their concussion protocol? 

Former GOP chair and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus hired as a political analyst by CBS News.   WTF CBS? Were you in a rush to try to sign him up before Dancing with the Stars?

Sorry, I don’t think anything Hillary Clinton has said defames Tulsi Gabbard as much as the words that come out of Tulsi’s own mouth.

Trump today on the deadly coronavirus “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. We have it under control, it’s going to be just fine.” Translation, time to panic.

Trump says he wants Bolton to testify at impeachment trial but John “knows some of my thoughts, what I think about leaders, what happens if he reveals what I think about a leader & it’s not very positive.” Uh, as if Donald hasn’t already insulted most world leaders, except Putin.

Trump will attend the March for Life on January 24, the first sitting US president to do so. And while there will he announce more cuts in welfare and food stamps?


Your reminder…. Hunter Biden is not on trial. Donald Trump is on trial.

How long until Trump attacks Adam Schiff quoting Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton was an immigrant?


Trump “We have all the material, they don’t have the material.” Translation, I’m obstructing justice in plain sight 

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2 Comments on “New Kid in Town”

  1. Dave Somerton Says:

    Re: “How long until Trump attacks Adam Schiff quoting Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton was an immigrant?”

    I think he will say that The Dems are so desperate they have resorted to quoting a Broadway play!

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