Mighty fallen.

Who’d a thunk struggling NBA teams would be thinking this sentence in 2019? – “At least we’re not the Warriors.”

Steve Kerr after losing by 48 to the Mavericks tonight. With a few break we could have only lost by 42.

Must say, guessing no one has ever walked off a debate stage and sent an email to supporters saying “Please donate. I need it, because I had a really rough night.”

Several little intermissions in tonight’s Democratic Debate.  Did the older candidates need potty breaks?

Tulsi talked during debate about treating each other with respect. Right, starting with the respectful way Gabbard has talked about other Democrats?

As Biden reminded us these impeachment hearings focus on Trump trying to keep him from being the nominee, have to wonder, who else is Donald bribing and threatening people for dirt on?

Who had “punch” at domestic violence being Joe Biden’s first big gaffe of the night?

“Study the long term use of marijuana?” Joe Biden, seriously? Aren’t many baby boomers already a study in the long term use of marijuana?

Cory Booker to Joe Biden on not wanting to legalize marijuana “I thought you might have been high when you said it.”

Cory Booker to Pete Buttigieg,  “And I happen to be the other Rhodes scholar candidate on this stage.” Nice and true line.

 (Interestingly enough, no woman could be a Rhodes scholar until 1977.)

Good on Kamala Harris for calling out Tulsi Gabbard for not really being a Democrat. Next will Kamala go after Bernie?

Every woman who’s ever been in the workplace or political arena who is watching debate tonight knows that Amy Klobuchar was right about gender.

Andrew Yang sticking up for Tom Steyer. How nice that the millionaire defends the billionaire.


Now it’s Mike Pompeo who is reportedly planning to resign, possibly to run for Senate. The Trumptanic lifeboats are filling up.

DNA results show Hunter Biden, 49, fathered a child born in August 2018, with a now 28 year old woman. Well, by modern GOP standards does this make Hunter if not Joe truly Presidential?

So Trump would use the Henry II defense except that one, he doesn’t know history. two, it didn’t really work for the King of England. “Will no one rid me of this turbulent Biden?”

Does listening to Jim Jordan give anyone else a headache?

How long until  Fox News decides to move away from the impeachment hearings and just show a retrospective on Hillary’s emails?

Wonder how many millennials are asking their parents about John Dean today?


Only one US Carrier to Brussels tonight from DC, United 950 leaving from Dulles. Imagining the flight attendant asking Ambassador Gordon Sondland “So would you like a drink before departure?”

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