Starting but not sticking to sports.


A bit of sports, seven interceptions for Philip Rivers in two games. If only there was a semi-competent free agent quarterback available for the Chargers.

Miami Dolphins waived RB Mark Walton for allegedly striking a woman who was pregnant with his baby.  Walton had served 2 of 4 game suspension for violating NFL conduct policy related to his THREE offseason arrests between January-March 2020.   The Dolphins had signed him after Bengals released him.

Miami GM Chris Grief “We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously.” And Grief said it with a straight face.

Donald and Melania Trump re-registered today to vote in Florida instead of New York. He does realize this means he needs to spend 50% or more of the year there, right, which is more than every winter?

WTF of the day? A movie studio exec apparently wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman. So did an executive also want Denzel Washington to play Mr. Rogers?

A small point, but GOP seems so upset about Lt. Col Vindman testifying in his dress uniform, even though rules say says all personnel “will wear an Army uniform when on duty, unless granted an exception by the commander to wear civilian clothes.”
Now, who gave Jim Jordan an exemption to keep his jacket off?



Rewatching Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman’s opening statement from Tuesday, who’s with me in wishing we had someone more like him as President?


Yes, Tom Steyer has put a lot of money into good causes. And now he says “I alone can fix it.” Not very often I think “If only someone were like the Koch Brothers.” But at least they were practical enough to use THEIR money to get other people elected.


One of the many bizarre things about the Ukraine deal. While Joe Biden was my first choice in 2016, he is not my first choice now, mostly for age-related reasons.
But whoever your candidate, is there really anyone on either side of aisle who really thinks Joe is in politics for money, and is anything other than a good and decent man?

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