Undefeated, then there were none.

It took until last play of overtime, but Seattle Seahawks beat the previous undefeated SF 49ers.


1972 Miami Dolphins would be popping champagne if any of them were still awake. 

If the Seahawks and 49ers have tied would Dolphins have popped champagne and kissed their sisters?

San Diego Padres, who haven’t made playoffs in 13 years, have gone back to their original brown and gold colors for uniforms.
Seattle Mariners, who haven’t made playoffs in 18 year, possible new slogan – “We s*ck, but our colors remain consistent.”

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Madonna, age 61, for changing her concert time in Miami on Tuesday, Dec. 17 from 8:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m. WTF? For her original fans 8:30 p.m. was already past their regular bedtimes.

Trump taking credit for lifting “the poll numbers of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin by 19 points, he just misses….”
Amazed he didn’t say that showing up at World Series lifted up the Houston Astros by three games, they just lost…


Now that Sean Spicer has been voted off DWTS will Trump say he hardly knew the man?

On the other hand, Sean Spicer is eliminated from DWTS the very week after he gets Donald Trump’s Twitter endorsement #ETTD

Most Presidents go to Arlington Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veteran’s Day. Anyone else think Trump went to NYC instead because he couldn’t do the walking involved at Arlington?


Trump says he’s moving to Florida and temperatures in the state projected to dip into 20s tomorrow night. Cue the “hell freezing over” jokes.

We can argue back and forth as Democrats whether or not Michael Bloomberg would be a good 2020 Presidential Candidate.
But one thing that is inarguable. The ONLY reason he can even entertain the thought of jumping into this marathon where other candidates have been running hard for a year or more is that he is a very very rich man.
Bloomberg is basically a billionaire version of Rosie Ruiz.

Just a thought, if John Kelly and Rex Tillerson tried to recruit Nikki Haley to resist the President and “save the country,” who else did they try to recruit? And what happened?


Nikki Haley declined to help Kelly and Tillerson when they told her were trying to save the country.
So one question, if Haley believed in Donald Trump so much why did she resign?

The man who slashed the “baby Trump’ balloon says he took a stand for good vs. evil and he’d do it again.
And you know what folks, he will vote next November.
Your reminder, #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2002
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